Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hi! I'm in Columbus right now with my best friend Jessica Wiesel and her roomie, Jen. We tried to make necklaces last night while enjoying cranberry and vanilla stoli cocktails. I laid out several, but I got too darn tired to see straight and didn't get one done. We had dinner at the Cap City Diner and I have to say, folks in Columbus are lucky to have such delectable food. Think comfort food with a gourmet twist-mac and cheese with truffles, wasabi mashed potatoes...I was in heaven! It was so good I forgot to pine for my baby (Azalea Belle is at Gramma O's in cinncinati). The last couple of weeks we have been in a casting marathon! Lots of pieces did not come out, which is annoying since each wax requires a lot of cleaning up before being cast.I always seem to leave things to the last minute, I sketched designs for Stringing magazine months ago but waited the last second to actually string them. I hope some get picked! Its always exciting and satisfying seeing a creation in print. Today we have an art day planned (after breakfast at Northstar and hitting American Apparal for basics) we will paint for the pure happiness of it. I show our progress tonight.

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