Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Worked on stone beads today, lots of organic shaped labradorites. My favorite stones ever. Our good friends Laura Belkin and Steve Gornick have been staying with us this past week. Laura is from D.C. and is preparing for grad school at an art school in Maryland. Steve is a fabulous musician and we have so been enjoying his stay! I've gotten a little too used to hearing African drums (a djembe) and acoustic guitar played live in my living room. We have been making art in the dining room like crazy! The table is full of paints and jewelry equipment, not to mention cookies,candy, biscuits...coffee. Good stuff. Well, i do not want to see these fine people leave.
Greg is leaving again for another show, this one will be in Madison, Wisconsin. Last week he was in Raleigh, NC. ,which was pretty good, saw lots of friends and favorite customers (all favorite!) . I am staying here helping Andrew and Sheila move to NY. I hoped they would stay longer, but school is starting soon. I really want to go away for a while, somewhere near the sea and work on some projects. GGS will be producing a manual of artful living , a nice book with all sorts of useful stuff to learn: casting resins, mold making and painting techniques, also collage and carving. Plus lots of other fancy things! Well the dishes need washed, and "Peter and the ShadowTheives" await!

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claudine hellmuth said...

hey sweetie! glad you are felling better!!