Friday, July 13, 2007

Wonder Cabinet

I found this delightfully strange blog featuring all manner of weird antique collectibles called The Wonder Cabinet ( ) via Ulla's blog. I visit her site often to find interesting art - mostly artists making romantic, fairy tale work. Love it.( ) Today Sheila and I caught an afternoon showing of Harry Potter 5. I had fairly low expectations, fearing more pitiful acting (like the skinny bad guy who kept kept licking his lips -to show he was evil- in the 4th movie). I was pleasantly surprised with this one...I liked it a lot! My brother says there are all these descrepencies, frankly I couldn't remember the book (I found it mediocre), so Sheila and I enjoyed it. Greg and I then went to World Market and found some raspberry saki made by Momokawa and a few different kinds of chocolate. Should be really good. Its after 11pm, time to get to work! I'm a night owl, its nice and quiet and I've had the whole day to think about what to make. We will probably work on our stories, by discussing plots and characters. I have big plans to make a 1/12 miniature of one of the houses in the story. I love miniatures! Construction should happen this fall, when I should be working on new designs. I think making a dollhouse from my world would be more fun, although it would not help business much! We shall see, lately my productivity has been low....too much I need to kickstart my butt into action. Well, have a good night!


Cindy said...

Great blogs...thanks for putting them up...I had to search for Wonder Cabinet, should be the end. I'm looking forward to your book and seeing whatever miniatures you make from it!

Andrew Thornton said...

I didn't get the whole "licking the lips" thing. Was it because he was like a snake or something? Or just a bad actor?