Wednesday, July 11, 2007

fairy tales

Look at my girls new hair cut!
I've been fairy tale obsessed today (everyday, really) and found a neat site featuring fairy tales , I liked it. I'm reading about japanese fairytales, they are beautiful! The stories increase my love for foxes...I see a fox piece in the future!
Sheila and I have been sucked into Top Chef 3, its pretty good. I feel like getting expeimental in the kitchen. I'm making banana bread tonight, maybe I'll try the indian spin and spike it with cardamon. Or not. I can't stop watching this darned show! Last night, VH1 ran a program on the ridiculousness of the 80's. How could I not reminisce about such silliness?
Greg has worked really hard on a short story serial he started on his blog ( ). Its really good, so check it out! He is a fountain of inspiration and creativity, always writing music and stories. Its nice to be surrounded by creative people and I feel so lucky to have such a talented husband. Well, its time to find out who gets kicked off Top Chef, good night!


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

ooh! The haircut looks so cute on her! She's a sweetie.

Thinking about Japanese fairy tales and foxes, I remembered this artist whose work I love, you might already know her:

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I have several of her fox prints which I find incredibly beautiful. Our dog Zoey has very distinct fox like qualities, so I like to collect foxy things!

Andrew Thornton said...

That baby is CUTE! So cute. I love her so much. I miss her so much. Remember when that top used to be an over-sized dress for her? Now it's a tank-top. She keeps growing and growing.

Tom and his wife came in last week. Apparently they just got back from a trip, which he got intensely sick at. Hope it wasn't food poisoning from one of the Top Chef competitors. In any event, I've worked for Tom for years, but haven't spoken much to him. His wife and I talk on and on about jewelry and other goodies.

I look forward to seeing what happens next in Greg's story.

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, remember that story Anne Choi told us about Mermaid Meat? Well, I've been thinking about it constantly. Strange how things just... stick like that.

Janet said...

She sure is one little rosebud!

claudine hellmuth said...

hi azalea!!!

we love Top Chef too!!