Saturday, July 28, 2007

Root Baby

Hello! We spent the day socializing with our buddies, drinking too much coffee, eating bibinka (a tasty coconut cake of the Philipines) and making root babies. These 'plants' are part of a succulent type known only on the island of Carmaris (location my stories take place). They have the ability to wander, to mewl (useful to warn off intruders)and to spit a strange milky substance if threatened. They make lovely plant pets, if given sufficient room to move.
The house is from B.B. Barnes in Asheville. I love that store! Filled with excellent garden art, lovely and unusual basket arangements, and loads of beautiful plants. They only had one variety of carnivorous plant, so I was out of luck discovering more for my bog garden. I bought half a dozen little pots to make more botanical specimens. The one in the picture is for Steve Keegan, who gloated contiuously (which pleased me, of course). The house is quiet now, everyone is out, or sleeping, which means its time for me to work. Good night!


Jenny said...

The root baby reminds me of the root thing in the movie "Pan's Labyrinth"!

Jean said...

Oh my gosh!

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh, I love the root baby! It's like the ones you made for that Illustration Friday: Hidden. So cute. I love the root babies. They're cute. I can just hear you making the mewling sounds now. Cute.