Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Silver Birds

Andrew sent these Sukie hankerchieves,(i love them! http://www.sukie.co.uk/ ) we use them for bundling objects japanese style. Prawn at the bird sanctuary on Cape Canaveral.

Downtown Asheville and a pair of silver earrings from Honeypot.

Here we are at the beach. Azalea on the porch back home.

The bird sanctuary and Azalea pleased as punch.

Its nice to be home. It felt like we had been gone for ages! We had a great time in Florida, going to the beach, visiting friends, bird sanctuaries and shops. I could watch birds all day, so it was a real treat to sit and relax and feed beautiful white ibis's and blue egrets. I feel rested and ready to make some art! I have loads of ideas (its hard not to get inspired when visiting such beautiful places!).

I felt the need to 'nest' when I returned. To cocoon myself, to lay low. I like to disconnect from the world once and while, turn off the tv, computer and phone and just play with my girl or read a book. I just finished the second installment to Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (its in the same genre of young adult fiction that Im writing my story) and I found it pretty entertaining, it got me fired up to work on mine. That's on my to-do list tomorrow.

We spent the last couple days planning some remodeling in our kitchen and in my studio. New countertops (corian and stainless sink) and slate tiles for the floor. Its not horrible now, but Im not a big fan of laminate anything. We are going to put in bamboo floors in my studio, which I am so excited about! I can't wait till everthing arrives! It should all be finished by the end of the month. There's sickly blue carpet up there now and I simply cannot abide it anymore!
Its a large space and filled with supplies, so Im not looking forward to moving my stuff out. Well, I guess it will be my opportunity to organize. I've been studying decorating books like its my job, in hopes that I might pick up some ideas. The trouble is, I have loads of small things, and not many ideas on how to display them. Well, Im off, have a good night!


Cindy said...

It's good to see you back! I know just what you mean about 'nesting', so good to do when you have a little one, everyone needs that recharge time and I'm sure Azalea needed her mommy time, too.
I study decorating books, too ;-). I think after awhile you just absorb so much, and then let your own imagination go to work when you're ready to do the actual decorating. Maybe rotating a display of little things is a good way to deal with them. A friend told me last night that he thinks in terms of what he would take with him if the house were on fire...extremely limiting, but maybe a good way to look at things to help clarify what you really want to have around you.
Those 'hankies' are so cool! and I love that last photo of Azalea.

Andrew Thornton said...

Awwwww! I miss that baby so much! I'm planning to come down at the end of August for her birthday. I get (paid!) vacation time then! Woo hoo!

I was going to surprise you all with a spot in Jane Magazine this fall. However, the magazine has since closed up shop. Unfortunate. I've been talking to some of the Lucky Mag people and you NEED to get the finished jewelry line up! One of them finally said, "You know, you've been talking about this jewelry line for a while now. When are we actually going to see it?" So... yeah.

Oh, did you finish your Swarovski piece? I'm still working on mine. Got a lot to finish before Friday. The deadline for the Swarovski competition in Thailand is later though. I'll be doing a different piece for that one.

And you know how I love the curio cases. I think a wall covered with various curio cases would be awesome. They're actually not that hard to make and can easily be adapted from small bookshelves and/or large picture-frames. Sounds like a trip to Ikea might be in store.

Janet said...

Hi Janet here the one with all the Qs...silly me. I have bought Stringing mag and your things are lovely and some of my Qs I have figd out! Ill be ordering more from you soon...just saying Hi here from one artist here to another! Houston is horrid hot and humid right now *sigh...