Saturday, July 14, 2007

Miniatures,seedpods and treehouses

Because I love miniatures and enjoy delighting in how small something could be.

A beautiful photography book filled with up- close pics of strange, alienesque pods and seeds.

Awesome. You will be amazed how creative (and brave) some folks can be!

Look at my fabulous new books! Yes, I love books. My shelves are bulging, threatening to topple at any moment. So I had to get more. Its not because Im addicted - I could stop whenever I want to, I just need these for...reference. I'm not addicted.
We just got back from Lowes, supposedly to sign a contract for our new bamboo floors, but the guy doing the measurements tacked on an extra 200ft to the footage (a 1500$ difference!). What, did he think we wouldn't notice? We got home and measured, found out he was off by miles, now we are wondering what to do next. Should we politely inquire if Lowes hires crooks or ask for a refund for taking such crappy measurements (we did have to do it ourselves). I was so excited about getting new floors! That crack head, raining on my parade!

Oh well, we can deal with that drama tomorrow! Greg reads to Azalea and I every night and we just started The Crestomancy Chronicles. Its pretty good so far, a change up from The Arabian Nights and Grimms Fairy Tales. Well, its story time, good night!


Andrew Thornton said...

Believe it or not, I got rid of some of my books. You know how I love the book collecting too. But no sooner did I release a few back into the wild than did I find myself in Barnes and Noble with an hour to kill, and a bag of books as a result.

I'm re-reading the Dark is Rising Sequence. One of my managers and I talk about Harry Potter all the time and then she brought up these books, which I have a vague memory of... but nothing solid. So it makes it a sort of one-sided conversation.

I'm going to try and get through them as quickly as possible so that I can read the Harry Potter book without cross-pollution.

Cindy said...

Being addicted to books would be like saying that someone is addicted to eating or's just not possible to stop buying more. It is good to clear out some of the old ones, though, it's on my list of things to do...

I vaguely remember a caution about Lowes...I probably shouldn't mention it (but I will anyway) since I don't remember the details...might be good to mention something to a manager. Politely suggesting that it's not good policy to treat customers that way might even get you a discount...really, you shouldn't be treated that way, it's too big of a 'mistake'.

Tom said...

Abso-frickin-lutely, march over to Lowes and get a manager involved. Actually I'd call the manager and the regional manager. That's jacked up.

Books, yes I'm swimming in them. Comp copies,reference,graphic novels. They're circling around my bed waiting to pounce.

Jean said...

my friend has the treehouse book--she lived in a treehouse for a year. I wrote about it a while back.

ps: Azalea looks so beautiful!!!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Cynthia, do you want me to call up Lowes for you? Or better yet, do you want Laura Belkin to call up Lowes for you? ;-)

bArno said...

Here's to small things!! I just finished a big class that was compressed into a small month. I did a lot of meticulous carving into linoleum blocks. But small things often lead to big results.
Anyhow, we should get together and try some miniatures while I have a miniature break from school and work. I also wonder if any of you guys are good at framing artwork. I now have a lot that I would like to frame. I have a perfect print for your house as well.