Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A good weekend

Azalea opening her early birthday presents with her Grandma-O, an assortment of sets from Calico Critters (just like Sylvanian Families for those in my generation).

An insanely happy girl, as she goes for the huge dollhouse.
This is my bird Mochi, a blue parrotlet. She is soft and sweet, just like the ice cream balls she's named after.

Hi! We enjoyed a quiet weekend with family and friends. Greg's parents came down from Ohio to enjoy the fine Asheville weather (or should I say the charming company of a certain little girl!). We had a good time going out to eat at local restaurants, picking out toys for Azalea and playing games.It was nice. Azalea had loads of fun and can't wait to see her grandparents again.
We went to see the movie 'Once' and loved it, I've been humming the soundtrack all day ( ) I'm going to order all the music from Glen Hansard's band The Frames right now. So good.
Greg went to Lowes to straighten those folks out, after the fast one that their 'professional installer' tried to pull. I think he was afraid if I went, I would kick down the building in my wrath. He got a refund and deep, heartfelt apologies from everyone, they areclaiming a full inquiry is in order. So we won't be getting our bamboo from there, Which is fine, I found it almost half the price online anyway.
I wrote almost all day. I'm back on track, finally. Inspired, you might say. I'm nervous about my writing, really self concious. I want to post a bit to see what folks think, but I'll probably chicken out. My birds have been looking at me like I'm crazy, talking to myself, mumbling, trying to get a feel for this character or another. Its been a really good day.


Cindy said...

Greg did well with Lowe's...hopefully they will actually investigate. So, you will have a discount anyway, just not from them ;-)
Have you heard of Mochi stones? Here's a link
They're supposed to be very powerful. A friend showed me some once and told me about their qualities.
The photos are great. I hope Azalea has a great time with her dollhouse. I made a few different kinds for my boys...simple ones though (maybe the log cabin kit that I put together log by log wasn't quite so simple ;-)...and dolls...they loved it all!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

it is almost birthday time!

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh that Baby! She doesn't look like a baby anymore. She's a little adult now. Awwwww.

Anyway, Once looks ridiculously romantic and sappy. Disgustingly emotional and melodramatic. With that said, I'm checking the listings to see where it's playing here in New York. ;-)

The guy singing reminds me of Damien Rice a little bit.