Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Prize for winner of the comment contest. Just leave a comment of garden art you think we should make, or favorite artists, or add your vote to another request. I will draw the winner on friday.

Greg and I at the Greenville Zoo.

Azalea admiring the tortoises.

We went to the zoo and Chucke Cheese pizza for Azalea's third birthday. We had loads of of fun! She will also celebrate on saturaday, with my folks and all our buddies. Andrew is here from NY, we always have non-stop good times when we get together. The planning for Faery Con has started, we are working like mad to make stuff that non-beaders will enjoy. I'm working on paintings for prints, sculptures and more fairy pendants I can just put on chain (I am the slowest beader ever, it takes me days to finish one necklace - so making beaded jewelry for sale is silly, I never sell finished stuff for fear I might have to do another one). Well, its game time (we play a lot of Scrabble here) good night!


Unknown said...

Hello from Houston and a Happy Birthday to your little Rose bud! Its really nice how you share your art and what your doings on your blog...
I have an idea for your garden art...well how about for garden art a pumpkin with steps going up into it and shutters and front door. Shrubs around it. I think it could be lovely Cynthia! Maybe a wee faerie peeking out the front door wing showing etc. Cynthia go look up Past-times its a UK store with Lovely faeries! I was fortunate to bring some really lovely faerie ornaments home from there when Ron and I came home from Scotland. One sculpture I have are four faeries having some eats around a toadstool table its divine! past-times is a wonderful place for inspiration! They have the best faeries I have seen ever.
Say hello to Andrew!

Jenny said...

I have a bunny rabbit for Azalea's birthday...I'll remember to give it to her the next time you come to town!

I know that frogs are kind of overdone in garden art, but I have a bunch of frogs that live behind our house in the woods/creek that sing happily when the sun goes down. I have a concrete garden thing on the front of the house that would look really neat with some kind of whimsical frog. Maybe fairies giving the frog prince his crown...how did that prince become a frog in the first place, anyways? ;) Either that or something similar to your root baby where you can have strawberries or other garden fruits with human features on them. Kinda creepy but not so much...I know that sounds rude but not cutesy...more ancient than anything.

Love you guys.


Kim Gish said...

Hi Cynthia,

Your work is imaginative and wonderfully executed. I would love to see the Luna Moth fairy you created as a bead reincarnated to a lovely garden statue. Something about her struck me as very statuesque. I'm hoping still that you will eventually put her into production so we online fans can purchase her. Take care! Your family is beautiful.

Anonymous said...


I would like to see some garden art that is designed to wrap around a plant or tree and really sneak up on you rather than something statuesque that just stands around. Like a fairy with arms positioned so you could make it stand in a tree or wrap itself into a bush. (Pipe cleaners?) Or a lovely tiger or other cat that has wrapped itself around the base of the rose bush. Or even something really tiny that can hide in the Sarracenia bog!

PS. Anne says "Hi"

north said...

toadstool house!

E-Lo said...

How about a garden gnome?

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Happy Bithday to a Virgo like me! awesome awesome awesome! Hooray and YAY!

may she grow up to be Joan of Arc-like (without the stake, of course!!!), kind, good and fine in spirit!

Katie Hacker said...

Hi Cynthia. I treasure my Green Girl beads so it has been really fun reading your blog and seeing some of the behind-the-scenes stuff.

I would love, love, love to see a mermaid bird bath in you garden art.

Vintage Blue Studio said...

My vote is for a garden gnome or a family of garden gnomes! They should have little toadstool homes too. There's just something extra cute about a garden gnome. It's probably the kitschiness...is that even a word?


PS Love your stuff, wish you guys were still doing Philly Bead Fest!

Unknown said...

Your owl beads and pendants are absolutely the best, so an owl garden ornament would be great. Maybe with a way to make the eyes glow with a tea light?

I am also very fond of water features in gardens, so maybe an enchanted lily pad? It could be populated by whimsical water loving creatures.

whimsymoon said...

Hi Cynthia!
I would vote for a bird bath with one of your mermaids sunning herself along the side...and
maybe a couple of "cat"fish for good measure!

Ann said...

I love the idea of having unusual and extraordinary things placed about for surprises in the garden... perhaps some faux plump looking, textured-like brocade or corduroy sofa accent "pillows" that are cast from tinted concrete ( lovely beside a pond) or even a simple gameboard using 2 colors of cement squares ( runes?) set up like a chessboard under a tree.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Azalea!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

Actually, I would like a miniature Joan of Arc. Why not. She is so cool!

Ann said...

Hi again Cynthia,
I just purchased a copy of Stringing yesterday and love your project contributions!
And another idea for cast stone garden art: how about making large colorful beads? Not giant balls, like a gazing ball, but about the size you could hold in one or both hands. They could be different colors and glazes and have a hole of course and you could "string" it with rope or something. Maybe even a bit flat so they won't roll but that may be unnecessary being they are outside on lawn etc..
Also, how about casting a fancy ladies or fairy slipper? Sort of like one Cinderella might have lost, and which would be set on a step.
Okay, back to Friday chores. Our daughters birthday was 9-9-1999 and she turns 8 three days after school begins so we too have birthday surprises to plan.
(Happy B-day Azalea!)

Sophie said...

I always loved Sulamith Wulfing's redition of fairies...here's a link...

Just so beautiful and haunting...love the new stuff...especially those little yummy root babies!! I can hardly wait to get my hands on one of those!!

Keep creating...*you're* an inspiration to us!