Wednesday, August 15, 2007

lucky girl

I'm extremely sick. I'm lucky because we work at home, so Greg can take care of me and Azalea. I'm also lucky to have my sis making me her awesome comfort food. My buddies Tony and Lisa have been wonderful with my girl and making the best chicken soup in the world. I'm grateful to have good people around. I'm miserable, but thankful to have the most understanding customers! Greg has a necklace on the cover of Stringing (his second!) alongside my brother Andrews piece, which, as you might've guessed, makes for busy times around here.

I've been pretty set down, sleeping endlessly but trying to sketch when I'm awake. I have a few ideas for something I've long wanted to pursue, but never had the time or energy to really put forth the effort required to do a good job. I don't half ass anything, if a project is worth doing, give it all you got or don't bother (sounds strong, but is annoying, loads of things stay in my sketchbook for this stubborn behavior). So I'm putting forth my best efforts and compiling sketches, making new ones and doing research to make cast stone sculptures. I used to make the originals for a company way back when (when I was naive and silly, allowing another artist to sign my work!) and have literally made him millions. My hope is to produce work that could function as indoor/outdoor sculpture and stand the test of time. Anyway, I'll show my progress as I get better.

I was doing a little bit of research today and found an interesting bit of mythology on mermaids Our friend Anne Choi shared an amazing story about a girl who lived to 800 because she accidently ate mermaid meat - supposedly she is alive today, living in a temple in the mountains. The mythology comes from Japan (land of the most lovely and strange folktales ). The site is strange, but interesting. I feel like going (soon as I'm well and finished with all my work-some time 10 years from now) and meeting the nun. I hope she'll still be around.


Janet said...

Hi Cynthia i hope youll be feeling better soon! No fun being are blessed with much love around! Ive finished a peice well several peices and need to put them on my blogger...which is greatly lagging! Ive got a woodsy peice with a pendandant on from you need to put it and the others on the Bead Scene pronto. Wouldnt I love to win those beads from yall! Get better soon! The olde saying... ya cant geep a good gal down!
Janet :)

Andrew Thornton said...

Get better soon or we'll have all the fun without you! A week and a half and counting. Goodness, am I counting or what!

I love the Anne Choi mermaid meat story. Partially because I like the way "mermaid meat" sounds and also because it was told to us by Anne Choi.

Feel better!

Janet said...

Cynthia are you feeling better? I hope so! I am thinking about you today....get well soon!
Well finally I was able to finish some peices and Ive posted them on my page...Ill post them to The Art bead scene who knows maybe Ill win the monthly challenge wouldnt that be wonderful!
I havent been to my page for a bit thank you for your nice comments! Ill have to order a slew of pendants from yall soon!
Get better yes homemade chicken soup has proven healing abilitys....more chicken soup for Cynthia!
You never met me in person but one day who knows I can get to a bead show...but for now heres some huggs!
Janet :)

Cynthia Thornton said...

I'm a bit better. I have a severe case of pharengitis (the swelling of the pharnyx) and its a simply awful. I'm doing everthing possible for a swift recovery! Thanks for asking after me, I'm worried I'll still be sick when my brother comes down.

Andrew Thornton said...

You have a week and some change. So get better fast! Are you taking your medicine? Didn't this happen the last time you didn't take your medicine?

Well, I hope you feel better!

Jean said...

feel beter, I am thinking of you!!!


Janet said...

are you feeling better? get better!

Janet :)

bArno said...

It seems like your health has improved. Lunch was great! And yes, I have a blog..I haven't done much with it, and don't promise anything, but I've been real into it the past couple days, redesigning, adding links, and silly posts. Check it out....