Saturday, August 04, 2007

Biltmore Art Festival

Hi! Today we jumped in the van with our buddies Tony and Lisa to head over to the annual Biltmore Art Festival. I was pleasantly surprised, I guess I expected fewer vendors. The heat made it hard to think straight, we were wilting within 30 minutes! The highlight of the show had to be the moment we walked into a booth and I exclaimed "Hey, I know who you are! I watched Project Runway like it was job!" to one of the stars of season 3, Angela Keslar. She laughed, we talked and I discovered she is super nice and the quality of her goods is outstanding! I bought a top for me and a cute reversible skirt for Azalea. Her bags and belts are really nice, check them out here The festival will be up tomorrow, too, if your in the area, come early to avoid the heat (which is strange for Asheville, its usually cooler in the mountains). Well, its time to get to work!


Cindy said...

Cynthia, that was fun! I checked out all of Angela's clothes and accessories, then had to find the peonies poem that she mentioned for the ballerina skirt, and then found a great love poem on a blog that had the peonies poem!
here's the love poem...

Thanks! ;-)

Andrew Thornton said...

Hello, my sister.

I ran into Angela not too long ago as well. Between the three of us Thornton siblings, we've met all of the Project Runway folks.

Did you see the picture of Sheila and "that turns me on" Vincent? Or do I need to send it to you?