Monday, May 02, 2011

weekend at the farm

We spent a lazy weekend at our friend Carter's family farm in Ridgeway, SC for a festive pig roast. The farm is over a hundred acres of forest and trails, perfect for wildflower gathering and the occasional ride in a four-wheeler. Azalea and I tried not to monopolize the hammock, but it was pretty comfortable.

Doesn't Max look like he's fishing on a raft? My little camera has a 'toy camera setting' that gives the edges a grainy look, like photos from the seventies. I like the look, it reminds me of pictures from my youth.

I spotted this brilliant flower growing in the deep shade of the forest and was surprised by the almost glowing yellow set against the browns of last year's leaves.

Our dog Suni came along for the fun and ran wild through the woods, coming back to sit with us under the shade between runs. It was particularly sweet to see how she stayed near Max when he napped under a tree, or when I would let him wander a bit, she was right by his side. Those two are already best friends. I think I may have to paint them together!


somethingunique said...

Hi Cynthia, than's for sharing your special weekend and your photos are fabu. Patty and i have been raving about your wonderful book "Enchanted Ardornments" I just love it and refer to often. ttfn L:)

Anonymous said...

Playtime and relaxing in the woods is the best, especially with the whole family!

Shai Williams said...

Oh you have a Shiba! They are just the neatest dogs if they are raised right. I just love the Asian breeds because they are so smart and free thinking