Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sheila's store

Look at this lovely print I purchased from my sister Sheila! I think it would look great in my collection of drawings, paintings and prints I've gathered over the years. She just opened a storefront on called sthorntonart and has some of her paintings and prints for sale. Many are paintings she made while traveling to far flung locales like India or Thailand, while others were created closer to home, in Venice Beach, FL. She has a beach painting I immediately recognized as her secret shark tooth gathering spot, a lovely, quiet patch of beach she took us to a few weeks ago. I like that aspect of her work, the element of intimacy and connection, of knowing these are pictures from an artists life, seen and captured.


mamabeaks said...

this is beautiful........ you and your whole family are so talented.

Andrew Thornton said...

I really like her new shop. I also like that they are snapshots from her life, memories and moments forever preserved. I like that. It's more than just an exactly duplicate, but contains the motions of the hand and the feelings of the heart.