Friday, May 20, 2011

calm afternoons

Max is so handsome with his new haircut! I think he looks a lot younger and sweeter, probably because more of his plump face is showing. He's peeking through a playhouse window, where he and his big sister were playing Dr. Who (Azalea is always The Dr., I'm always a monster and Max is the alien baby who needs to be rescued).

Here's my girl, caught up in her game with Max. I love watching my babies play. I remember the excitement and sense of adventure a few hours in the backyard could yield. We lived on a sizeable piece of property growing up, some of it wild and overgrown, with huge trees to climb and a tangerine grove to hide in. That was the perfect hideout since it was cool under the shade
of the twisty limbs and the tangerines were sweet and tart and peeled easier than bananas.

This is a drawing Azalea made of our day at Disney, showing everyone that was there that day

(from left: Azalea, my brother Andrew,my sister Sheila, her boyfriend Steve and myself and Max). Don't you just love the bun on my head, the pink shoes and the little detail that she drew me taller than my sis (since Sheila is just a hair taller!). My girl is so talented. I save her drawings and plan on making a book of them one day, starting from her earliest doodles to her more polished pieces.


somethingunique said...

Hi Cynthia, mine children are 25 and 15 and my studio is still decoated with art work from jk through. I love the pics of the children they are abso adorable. I am so :( i took my fav book "enchanted ardornments" with us when Jack had surgery out of town last week. We stayed over night in a motel, he had surgery early the next morning we left the room in such a hurry i forgot the book on the night table. I called a few days later and it was not turned in we are going up next week for a follow up i am hoping someone turned it in by then i refer to it often when creating my jewelry. take care ttfn L:)

Alice said...

You've got quite the little artist there! What attention to detail...

My youngest child is 14, and the other two are out of the house. Oh how I miss watching them play. Enjoy these years as they fly by quickly!

Spirited Earth said...

love that drawing's wonderful that you are keeping the kids art work..while visiting my mom recently ( she's 88) she pulled out a pile of my preschool age drawings..we had such a good laugh over those.

Sally Anderson said...

She is incredibly talented. A book would be great for her (or ceramic tiles?). Clearly the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!