Sunday, November 11, 2007

River District

Hello! This is a sample for the class Lisa and I will be teaching this weekend. Lisa will share how to sculpt lovely silver bezels and I will show the numerous ways to fill the box. I could call it 'Fun with Polymer, Paint, and Resin' but that wouldn't really cover all the techniques. Anyway, we have loads of good things to learn! Only a couple spaces left!

We went to the River District Art Walk today and had the best time. Azalea and I met up with Tony, Lisa and Deborah near a warehouse called the 'wedge' which was filled with artists spaces. Now I knew Asheville had a thriving art community, but I was unaware of all the sweet studios they were sporting. I've lived here for four years and never did the art walk, so I was pleasantly surprised by the numerous buildings jam packed with artists of every category. Also surprising/aggravating was to walk into a space we were considering renovating,( but thought it too much work) and see it completely finished. It was $700 a month for about 3000 sf. Sometimes its good to jump on an opportunity when you have a chance (obvious, I know, I'm still kicking myself). On the other hand, it's now I nice place to take art classes, like 'Mommy and Me', which it wouldn't have been if I ran it. What would we have done with it? Casting, fabricating, moldmaking, and we would have good ventilation....ah, to dream. So it was fun to see art being made and shown, so much enthusiasm! I'm on the lookout again for space over there, hopefully we'll get lucky.


Sophie said...
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Sophie said...

Bella (my 2 yo) and I are going to take Clay Turds for Toddlers at the NV Art Museum...and I am *SO* excited! So here's to the Mommy and Me classes...and to no regrets...easy for me to give the's so much harder to apply it...don't worry...there'll be an even better space in your future!!

virtuallori said...

That is a beautiful pendant! If I were anywhere near there I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

Andrew Thornton said...

Good job on that pendant! Looks like it'll be a fun and informative class.

The River District is cool. The rare times that I left the house, I would go there. I love the Wedge. They have a gallery space inside and had really interesting art openings.

Yeah... $700 for 3000 square feet? What were you thinking? Lordie Lou!

OH, it's almost time for you to turn 29 again. I'm putting a box together for you.

I don't think I'll be able to go down for Thanksgiving this year. Too much going on here and I'm broke. Not too mention that I'll be starting as an assistant manager soon.

Dave Ogden said...

Hi Cynthia,
Here's the link to that artist I was telling you about. Hope your class went well!

Dave O.