Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Key West

Look at us in our rented electric car! We had the best time cruising the island in that little thing. We were on a mission, to find the best Key Lime Pie, a custard -like delicacy best when found closest to the source - the Keys (the winner: The Island Fish Co.). I was also determined to taste the best Mojitos ( a lime and mint concoction) ...I still think Greg makes the best. Our island trip could best be described as a quest for flavors and finding the best scenery to consume them in. Not at all difficult in such a beautiful place! We went to another butterfly garden and I picked up a couple of specimens to add to my collection. Bob took loads of pictures of gorgeous jewel -like butterflies and we are ready to carve new nature inspired goods. We are back in Orlando, relaxing in a coffee house, still sluggish from all of our feasting and fun. Azalea is ready to go back to the beach....maybe tommorow!


Anonymous said...

oh how a I wish that Henry and I were there too =)
you guys look so adorable!!

please enjoy a mojito for me please.

kimmie said...

Wow, Azalea has the coolest babysitter ever, Hi Bob!
Y'all are having too much fun.

Pia K said...

Oh, Key West, sigh, I love that place! And so want to return, one day I hope! I often think that if I could chose one "silly" - or not so silly - gadget for myself it would be a Star Trek-style beaming machine, that could beam me up and down to favourite places in a blink of an eye. For a quiet walk around the neighbourhood, a great meal, a lovely coffee, a shopping spree or just being able to sit on a bench soaking the atmosphere. I wish.

I had a great mojito in Key West, at a place I suspect might me a bit touristy, but nevertheless quite lovely, Conch Republic

I think it was a mango mojito, a very good one indeed!