Wednesday, July 02, 2008

back from Florida

Miniscule cuteness.

The best pic taken of me in ages!

Gettin' sassy.

Dockside mojito's and key lime pie.

Cypress tree in Lake Jesup.

A pretty pic by Bob Burkett.

Airboat fun.
Finally home! I have to say, getting out of the van and into the crisp, cool air of the mountains was sweet relief. We had the best time, everyday another adventure-shopping, riding around in an airboat, then to the beach. We also worked on projects, went to bookstores and made gallons of espresso. So much fun!
Florida usually brings out my cranky side, as I spent my formitive years being gawky and strange, self-concious and angst-ridden. I really did not enjoy those years, so naturally, the place stirs up some of that discomfort. These days, most of the reminders of my youth are gone, replaced with shiny new everything. I don't mind. The thing that is troublesome with new growth, is the disappearance of nature. Florida has an abundance of amazing creatures (gators, rosy spoonbills, ibis's, armadillos, toads...) and mysterious plants (spanish moss, airplants and waterlilies). Our old house used to be surrounded by moss-laden trees and almost grown over with bougainvilla and crepe myrtle. There is something wild and primitive about how fast things grow and take over.
The two shows were excellent for us - thanks to everybody that stopped by to say hello! I think the Bead Mercantile Shows bring together a good mix of artists and importers, perfect for shoppers. I like the big shows, but it seems easier to shop at the smaller ones. I tend to buy from the same people (the vendors with the best prices, quality and friendliness) so for me, it doesn't matter if there's fifty stone dealers, I'm going to my favorites. Anyway, we had a great time, the shows were good and we ate like kings. What more could we ask?


Janet said...

Hi Cynthia what an enriched life you have and are giving your little Rosebud! I know exactly what you mean about the old feelings where you were raised. I too have those for where I was from. Thank God~ness things change and theres Joy in the morning! That is a lovely pic of you too, xx

Eva said...

That is a great picture of you, and I also like the one of the Sassy Behbeh, especially how Greg's all sighing in the background. We miss you guys...

Carter said...

Looks like ya'll had a blast! Mmmmm....key lime pie. It's hard to find a good one of those in CA. Guess that's what happens when you leave the South?!

That's a great pic of you. Very contemplative, like there's lots on inside that brain!

Happy 4th to all of you-

katarinas mama said...

Key lime pie and mojitos dockside? that's life alright! Love the Best Picture of You. Happy 4th!

Jean said...

you are gorgeous!!!

Hey I got my copy of Beadwork for August and I used your sphinx beads in Vermeil in my Helen of Troy set and you must see it. I love it. All your creations inspire me.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Thanks everybody!Y'all are so nice! Happy 4th!
I will look directly to see your creation, Jean, I know it will be marvelous!

Anonymous said...

I agree,you look stunning Cynthia!umm...and oh so tiny. (me jealous)

Im about to do the lemon juice fast for a few days. the one that ya'll turned me on to.
wish me luck =)

glad to hear the mercantile shows were a success. I'll pass the news along to mama bear.


Andrew Thornton said...

I miss that SASSY BABY!