Wednesday, July 09, 2008

on the road...again

sketchbook page

bamboo sculpture at Amboy Park

Hello! Its been a busy week for us! We had a lot of catching up to do after our trip to FL, so Greg occupied himself with the large task of filling the massive pile of orders (yay!) and I worked on cleaning the house and designing new goods. I pretty much do that everyday, I don't feel like my day is complete unless I draw something. I went to Sam Flax while I was in Orlando and now have tons of new products to try: the elusive acrylic gouche (see lioness above), shimmer watercolors, gel pens and new papers. I experimented with about half the stuff I got, the rest will have to wait. I think trying new materials and exploring new color palettes is the best way to stay creatively charged.
We took a break from work and had a party for Greg's 32nd birthday on Saturday and enjoyed loads of good company and yummy food. I even baked key lime pies from scratch! After feasting, we played cornhole and lawn golf till it was dark then proceeded indoors to play music. It's fun to have musicians as buddies, as there is no need to fight over who's Ipod to use. As the night continued, we had a great time enjoying new friends, listening to good music and making things around the dining room table - the creativity was palpable. Good times!
We went to Charlotte yesterday to take Bob to the airport- it was sad to see him off, but we comforted ourselves with the fact that'd he'd be back in September for more metal madness. We will be representing his work on our website, so if you get the chance check it out (we will continue to add new work). Good. After the airport we ran around Charlotte, stopping and shopping anywhere that struck our fancy. It is such a pretty city! We then returned home to get ready for a late afternoon picnic with some friends. That turned out to be the perfect end to the day, grilling food and playing frisbee. We spend a lot of time working, either on our writing/art or on the business- work that can be very isolating, especially when self-employed. I think all this socializing and fun has actually improved my productivity! No hemming and hawwing here, just making stuff and getting on to something else! I like this new schedule.
We drove all day today, making our way up to Chicago. It was a good drive, no traffic and amusing stops at craft centers (I love me some wooden spoons!). Greg is participating in an authentic Indian wedding on Saturday, so we thought we'd spend an extra couple of days with our best buddy Jeremiah Ketner and his charming family. We've been good friends since my first year at art school and have that kind of friendship seems like no time has passed and we continue right where we left off...which is usually wacky, weird and always inspiring. His work amazes me, it always gets better and more beautiful everytime I see it. That's why I love collecting it, I think I have more of his stuff than my own! Well, its late here and I think Jeremiah plans to walk all over the city tomorrow... hopefully, I can keep up.


Andrew Thornton said...

It sounds like you all are having so much fun! I miss our time together when we were making things and traveling about. One of my favorite stops we ever made was on the way back from a trip to the Greenville airport. It was about 110 degrees. But we still went to the fabric depot. While unpacking, I saw that really great piece of fabric and thought about it again.

Have fun with Jeremiah! I love his new paintings! I love them. Maybe one day when I dig myself out of debt, I'll get a few too.

laurelmoon said...

Wow! The sketchbook page is fantastic. I'm really into crows, and have been for years--and that immediately caught my eye. And I'm very into lions, too, so what a treat to see your wonderful page!

katarinas mama said...

Love the sketchbook - majestic and magical...have a fun stroll!

Carter said...

Ya'll don't stay in one place for very long!
Have fun in Chicago- I love that city. And a traditional Indian wedding...that should be fun!
Wishing you safe travels and good times-

Jean said...

Oh I didn't say Happy Birthday to Greg! Happy Birthday, Greg!!!! yay!


Eva said...

Happy birthday to Greg! I wish we could have been there to help you celebrate.

Janet said...

Cynthia you look absolutely lit up beautiful in that picture! Huggs to you all! x

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Greg!
Sounds like your summer is filled with fun =)
hit me up with the key lime recipe sometime....