Saturday, June 14, 2008


I swapped a bezel for this house by Kate McKinnon (meteor -lookin beads from her as well).

Gorgeous glass by Joanne Zekowski.

Sapphires and rubies from Kia and opals from Derek Lusk.

Beautiful Heather Wynn pendants and a recycled bottle cap bead from Glass Garden.
My favorites by Anne Choi.

Happy days in Chicago.

We are really enjoying being home! Greg and Bob left for Cincinnatti this afternoon so its been quiet around the house. Azalea and I have had fun with her playmobile set and read Nobody Rides the Unicorn about half a dozen times, played dress up, then we watched some Blue Planet and Barbie Fairytopia. I know, we played pretty hard, she's totally wiped out. We were so happy to get Kitsune back from daycare, we missed her so much! She got a bath and snoodlings and treats...she's also wiped out.
I still feel exhausted, I can't decide if its because of all the work before the show, or just how stressful the big shows can be. Maybe a combination of both. Or maybe its from all the socializing and having fun! I realized that many of the vendors and customers that I visit with at the shows have been a big part of my life since I started out in 1997, they've become good friends. It also occured to me that I don't see them as much as I used to since Azalea's birth three years ago. I felt a little nostalgia for those carefree days, but also a sense of accomplishment and excitement for all the new endeavors that have cropped up very recently. Anyway, its good to be home, I miss my buddies and its time for some sleep.


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

You got the beautiful things!
You make the beautiful things; you deserve them, therefore

glad you are home

just wrote to greg. didn't now he was gone. 2 photos of my dolls for you ha! oh well!

Anonymous said...

What great "stuff" that you got. Love to see it. And your bezels are fantastic.

Andrew Thornton said...

You definitely got a good stash from Bead & Button!

I thought about picking one of her architectural pieces too. Instead, I got one of her round almost mandala pieces. And I love the meteor beads!

I also love Anne Choi's beads. You have a lot of the ones that I don't.

Oh and I love your Heather Wynn beads!

I know what you mean about feeling exhausted. I'm pretty worn out myself.

I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

what a great collection of anne choi beads!
youre one lucky girl.