Tuesday, June 17, 2008

goods I can't live without

I found this letter game called Bananagrams at the local toy store and I (and everyone in my family, friends....) are hooked. Its fast paced, portable and not super competitive. Think Scrabble without the board or point system. I carry it in my bag, so if we are waiting around at a restaurant or having coffee at The Green Sage, I can bust it out and have a game. Azalea plays as well, naming the letters and lining them up. I read somewhere that playing a crossword or wordfind game everyday stimulates your brain and helps prevent memory loss - can't argue with that!
The next find is that fancy water bottle pictured next to the game. Its from Sigg, a Swiss brand thats been making canteens and whatnot for like a hundred years. This is from there Vintage line, perfectly portable (holds maybe 2 cups or so) with a water tight lid. It has this magical feature of being taste neutral, so if you put something stronger in it, that flavor washes right out. Its also very well -made and beautiful. I carry it everywhere like its my elixir of life. I love my new favorite things!


Carter said...

Bananagrams looks like so much fun. I love Scrabble, but the board and all of the score-keeping can get a bit tedious.

Sigg's are awesome. And whatwith all of the plastic scare of late, I think non-plastic water bottles are the way to go. I take my Sigg everywhere I go to. And that water inside is the elixir of life!

Melissa J. Lee said...

I get the best toy tips from reading your blog. We visited FAO Schwartz while in NYC a couple weeks ago, and I bought my little boy his first set of Playmobil after reading about the toys on your and Andrew's blogs (safari animals) - he loves it! He loves the alphabet, too, so I'm sure we'll be picking up Bananagrams... Have you seen the Sigg bottles made specifically for kids? Very cute, colorful designs. Cheers!

Unknown said...

I am awesome at that game.

Also, I made bacon rice tonight--good times.

Cynthia Thornton said...

I love Sigg! Azalea has her own extremely hip pink bottle. It has a robot on it.

That game is insane addictive! And yes, Eva, you rule the table when your in the house!

We are off to Playmobile land! Yay! I highly recommend the animals!