Tuesday, September 18, 2007

needful things

Hello! Busy day for us. We got up early to get some business done then after loads of java Andrew and I headed off for an antique store we spotted on the way to the taxidermy store in Hendersonville. Why were we headed to a taxidermy shop? For eyes, epoxy putty and resin! Strange all the wonderous products you can find for such a weird hobby. I think taidermy animals are creepy. Like mummies. So we saw this store called 'Needful Things' and I was intriguied. Asheville has a knack for inappropriate names for stores, like 'Bearly Edible' for a cafe or 'Yu Can Cut It' for a janitorial supply shop (what?). We had no choice but to find out why an antique store would be named after the devils shop in the Stephen King book 'Needful Things'. In that story everything was cursed and caused the victim to become wary and Gollum-like, treasuring the trinkets they found. I found these cute wooden animals, a dome and this set of jewels in a cool box. I fought Andrew for an owl and a crow, but he won, using trickery. I also found a neat chimenea made out of terracotta and shaped oddly like a face. thankfully, I don't think any of my goods are cursed, although I have been staring fondly at the animals for a long time. I leave for Hawaii on thursday (yay!) and I'm gathering up stuff to take. I'm notorious for over packing and agonizing over every object, considering how useful it will be, how much it weighs, will I cry if its lost, will I want it if I don't pack it,which we all know I WILL. So I pack like I'm leaving for a month. My sis gets so exasperated, she can pack a tiny back pack and live out of it for months (no exaggeration here) where as I get all uncomfortable just thinking about it. I don't like being unprepared. I like having my supplies near at hand, you never know when you might get the urge to,say, sculpt a new piece, or paint a watercolor. So I better get crackin', so much to pack! I'm looking forward to the show (looking forward to shopping the show-I am a bead junkie). Ok good night!


Andrew Thornton said...

Don't forget the wolf I won by trickery as well! ;-)

Janet said...

Have a Safe and Wonderful trip to Hawaii!

shirley joyner said...

stupid me--closer to me in raleigh nc shirley in raleigh