Thursday, September 20, 2007


Spent the day getting ready for the show in Hawaii. I should pack some more, but I have this weird urge to make a set of alpabet dice so I can play crossword games on the plane. This happens frequently, I suddenly must make some random project before I leave, working well into the night to finish, only to discover I need another three hours. What does this impracticality say about me? Why am I rolling out polymer like its the most important thing in the world? I should be packing up necklaces, or these freshly painted pewter pieces. I think they look so good! Folks in Hawaii, come see them first! Well, I have to finish my dice, Im sure they will provide hours of entertainment. So, if your in Waikiki this weekend, stop by and say hello, maybe play a game or two!


Cindy said...

I think your 'impracticality' is just your wonderful creativity! You certainly know how to entertain yourself...and all the photos are great...I love what you found at the antique store...follow where your heart takes you ;-)...of course, packing your goods for the show might be important, too ;-).

Sophie said...

It's those bursts of creativity that prevent us from our practical selves...but don't you just love it????

Have a safe and happy trip to Paradise!

Unknown said...

Im imagining you right now in the sea and the surf! Its hot here in the US what is the hot like in Hawaii? Is it humid or dry? I would say dry? Hows things going? I bet everyone loves your beads!