Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mandrake Card

Hello! Here is a sneak preview of one of the Oracle cards. This one symbolizes magic and enchantment, so if this one's drawn it means breakthroughs or revelations. The mandrake plant (which is what this is,only anthrophomorhphized) was thought its roots resembled a person (they actually do look very much like a withered doll) and had powers to cure maladies and to cause visions. The plant is toxic and this poison in small amounts could cause hallucinations...or magic, if your a wizard in medieval europe. Andrew and I have slaved away at this project, researching symbols and folklore. It has been wonderful. We've learned so much about how tarot or runes work and how it really isn't some mysterious power, just a tool to guide you to the answers you already know, but maybe haven't examined closely. I like the idea. The process is fun too, after researching symbols we decide color palettes and Andrew weaves paper to form backgrounds, adding loads of layers, then I paint the figures,then the painting gets more layers and is sealed. They are quite luminous in person. Well, I don't think I will have the whole deck of 24 done by Faery Con, so we will make prints of the finished ones,or greeting cards (you know, to wish someone an enchanting day!).


Cindy said...

This is wonderful! You're both doing a great job...I'd love to have the set as an oracle deck...and I love the meaning that you've given this one and the way you've illustrated it.

I have quite a few decks, and each one comes with it's own 'flavor' and interpretations. They are wonderful for gaining insight into situations...I love how you've described what they are for. I've learned, also, that the more I use a particular set of symbols, the more they take on a particular meaning for me...I find my own insights through them and extended interaction with them seems to become a 'co-creating'...somehow they speak to me in a way that takes into account my understanding of them...(hope that makes sense the way that I've described it).

I can see some of the luminosity just from this photo...I can imagine they must look wonderful in person.

I'm looking forward to their completion...will you put them on the website, then, if the deck isn't complete for Fairy Con?

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

these are so wonderful, they are beyond wonderful. they are perfectly beautiful!

Christina J. said...

So beautiful.

Cynthia Thornton said...

Thanks everyone! I'm hoping to finish them after the show, then I will probably have them posted on my blog first, then on the web. Greg has a couple shows and won't have time to update.