Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Dreaded Chore

Azalea at the chocolate counter at Dean and Deluca, Charlotte, NC.

New supplies gotten cheap at Artists and Craftsmen Supply (who are sadly going out of business).

Root babies embedded in resin and some new shapes with mica and foil mixed in the resin.

New doll parts for fun.

What a week! No blogging for me, I was too busy enjoying the company of my dear friend Jessica Wiesel. She left yesterday, so I was sad and miserable for most of the day, I made little hands for my doll to cheer myself up. We had so much fun! We went to Charlotte earlier in the week to take Tony Blackwell to the airport (for the Tucson Show). We visited Dean and Deluca (purveyors of fine and fancy food that no one has ever heard of), Trader Joes (which i love with all my heart and wish one would come to Asheville) and lastly to the Artists and Craftsmen Supply. The shop was closing its doors forever and selling the merchandise at half off, so of course we stocked up on paints and clay and paper. It was fairly intense, all the concentration focused on the most important supplies to get (because I couldn't get it all). We walked around our charming downtown and ate at Mamacitas and the Chocolate Fetish (the basil and pistachio truffle is superb). We devised secret plans, drew pictures of forgotten beasts, ate funky cheeses and taught Azalea songs to sing. I miss her!
Today I said 'good morning' to my brother who arrived late last night after a harrowing day of travel and we planned our day over coffee. We all decided it was time to do The Dreaded Chore. The most put off, least desirable, un-fun thing to do...clean the space known as the garage (aka the workshop). This behemoth of a task includes unpacking boxes that haven't seen daylight in 6 years, giving away loads of baby clothes, unearthing things we thought long lost. Tony and Lisa came over to lend a hand and curb our pack rat sensibilities. I have too much stuff. I need to purge all the junk and make it easy to work. We finish up tomorrow, then I tackle my studio, the second clutter magnet. I have to make it nice, Anne Choi and her friend Lynn are coming to Asheville for a visit! Yay! I'm beat, but I'm happy, our workspace is looking great and more friends are coming.


Karen Cole said...

Thanks for visiting me. I've been using your pieces for years in the jewelry I make!!! I buy a bunch at every bead show in the Phila. area. I will have to try and catch the Fairie(sp) show.

LOVE the resin root charms. One of these days I'm going to play around with that stuff. At the moment I'm too busy working on an altered book round robin and doing encaustic paintings.

What a beautiful family.
BTW how did you come to my blog?

Cynthia Thornton said...

Thanks! I believe I found your blog by visiting Claudine,then Nina Bagley and I think Misty has a link on her page. I love encaustic! I haven't done it in ages, but I remember how lovely the paint smelled when mixed with beeswax.

Ann said...

Root babies in resin = love!