Saturday, June 27, 2009


Here's a look at the beautiful shore on St. Pete Beach, near Tampa. We spent the day looking for mermaids and admiring Dali paintings at the museum. Azalea spotted what could've been a mermaid, or seal, but no dolphins. Maybe next time.

Here's my girl at Lake Jessup, searching for snails after our feast of gator tail, clams, scallops and corn fritters.

Greggy staying out of the sun and watching for gators.

That baby loves the beach so much! If she had her druthers, we'd never leave and leave right on the shore. We are still in Florida and having a good time. Its hot, but its easy to escape the heat, by hanging out in the a.c. or shopping. I've had difficulty working here, it looks inviting outdoors, but is so hot it makes me feel weak and woozy, so I end up napping. Its also hard to get internet, so I feel out of touch and sort of like I time travelled. I'm ready for mountain temperatures and the quiet of my studio! At night, the sound of frogs, toads, crickets and night birds are loud enough to drown out most other sounds. Its nice, but hard to get used to. At home, its low, bamboo wind chimes and the rustling of tree branches. Do I sound homesick? Maybe a little. Its fun to be with the whole gang, but I miss my routine and little everyday rituals that make up my days.
So, we have one more day at the Orlando show before heading home, so stop by and check out the new pieces (which can be seen at Andrew's blog).

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Janet said...

Its way hot here in Houston so I can imagine your wanting the Mts!