Tuesday, June 16, 2009


My girl posing outside of Cafe Azalea, one of the only restaurants that makes a dish she'll eat without constant badgering - lobster and leek stew.

A necklace I made for a bird girl bezel, featuring ruby rondelles, herkimer diamonds, pink and green tourmaline, faceted labradorite, spinel and sapphire drops. This little necklace is for me, since I like pink and green.

I made this with some leftover chain from the book and a few shapes with a new texture I carved. This delicate blue piece features a kyanite crystal, herkimer diamonds, green amethyst, andalucite, sapphire drops, a petal shaped tourmalated quartz and labradorite. You'd think with all the mini wire wrapping that I'd get faster...nope, I still agonize over the placement of every bead.
So, we're getting ready to get on the road again, this time back to steamy Florida! I'm dreading the heat, which makes me wilt faster than spinach. The whole gang will be there, so it will be fun. Maybe we can go to Sea World or the beach. I am looking forward to eating gator tail and key lime pie! Our first stop will be in Fort Lauderdale, for Jane's show, so if your in the area, wear a piece from GGS and get a free bead! We like to see folks wearing the goods, rather than collected in a hidden box, only removed to admire once and awhile (like I do with most of my collection). Next, we'll be at the Maitland Civic Center, a pretty spot near Lake Lily, which is full of ibis's and slider turtles. It's also one of Jane's shows, so stop by and say hello!
Tomorrow is the day (we called and confirmed- no mistaking this time!) for our ultrasound and I am so ready, I could pop. My mom has this all-knowing, sort of annoying way that she annouces what the sex will be and if its the opposite, she claims that I misheard her. I want a girl, because Azalea wants a sister, but everyone else insists it will be a boy. I've heard everything to back this theory: how high I'm carrying, how big I am to what I'm craving. I know some folks like the debate, or the surprise, but I'm not one of them. I'm a planner and enjoy my lists and surprises throw all of the planning into disarray. So, if I don't have ultrasound pics by the afternoon, I'll probably seek out a 3-d ultrasound studio, even if I have to drive to Atlanta!


Eva said...

Let us know what you find out! And don't listen to what everyone guesses--out of all my friends and family members, only three people guessed I would be having a boy. I think people form theories based on the outcome they want. And you know that you never hear more about people's opinions than when you're knocked up!

Janet said...

Well its HOT here real hot in Texas now so Im thinking youve got that too in Florida. I hate real bad heat. But I go swimming almost everyday here so thank God for that! Azalea what a little Missy. I hope yall have a lovely time as always lol!

Janet said...

Ohhh and love the necklaces esp the one with your bird girl!

Melissa J. Lee said...

I love the bird girl necklace. Have a great appointment, tomorrow!

Lorelei said...

Great necklaces Cynthia! So stunning and Blingy! Good luck at your appt. Let us know as soon as you find out!!

Anonymous said...

I love the pink and green necklace--in your next book, could you show the process of creating a similar treasure necklace? I get stuck after choosing beads.