Friday, July 03, 2009


Photo Azalea took of Baby Cat from Sylvanian Families (or called Calico Critters) good sense of design, wouldn't you agree?

Pear and dark chocolate flourless cake with vanilla ice cream from Corner Kitchen Cafe, my new favorite restaurant.
I am not an early riser, never have been. This morning, I was up with the sun and marveled, as I always do, at how beautiful and quiet and strange the light is. I've been ill with an ear infection and an assortment of other unpleasantries, but sitting at the kitchen table with my book spread out and strawberry vanilla tea in the pot, I feel pretty content. I'm looking forward to operating at full capacity. This strange cloud muffling my head feels like I'm underwater.

I think I'll have a new appreciation for music, songbirds and my girls sweet voice. Maybe even my husband's robot music. Every morning I try to think of all the good things in my life that make me happy and thankful for while I'm getting ready. Sometimes my list gets lost amid chores and worries, but not today, I have alot to be pleased about. I think I'll list some of today's items (of course some things are always on the list):
1. My family, particularly Azalea.
2. The freshborn baby in my tummy (names we like lately are: Marcellus, Maximus and Googler -Azalea thought Googler Ogden had a nice ring to it)
3. My book looks damn good (I love Pam, the designer).
4. A new episode of True Blood comes on Sunday.
5. Mine and Azalea's doll collection (recent acquisitions: Sylvanian Families Brown Bunny Set and Mama Mole and daughter)
6. The Corner Kitchen Cafe
7. Birds- I love them, pretty much my favorite animal, except for Frick the 30 lb. cat.
8. My job, or our company. Its pretty cool.
9. My studio, even though its a mess, its a space for my own particular use.
10. Cake, which everyone should be thankful for, particularly chocolate.
What makes you happy?


mairedodd said...

i love your list! and my 17 yr old daughter still has a set of calico critter bunny babies on her bedstand...
my kids make me happy, walking by the river and observing all of the things that go on without me makes me happy, having a piece i am working on come together as of its own volition makes me ecstatic! i am recently really in love with the naked lady bead from your studio - she is exquisite!
feel better and enjoy your weekend...

Lee, Lucy, Angel Bandit, Gwinn and Harley said... husband, my kitties and the wild deer that inhabit our property.

Katie said...

I love your list, too - it's nice to stop and think about those sorts of things...I would have to include my hubby, the dogs (2) and cats (4 - but none of them are 30 lbers!), my beads, and the ability to spend spare time playing with them :o)

and, I think cake should be on everyone's list!!

have a great holiday!

Melissa J. Lee said...

Maximus was on our list too (I love Googler).

I'm happy when the SO gives me a kiss (not as frequently as I would like, as he is pretty manly). I'm also happy about the small pile of red bean buns I picked up today at the Japanese market. You'd think that Danish bread would've been enough for me, but no. I'm happy that my husband will be home for a three-day holiday this weekend.

Enjoy your 4th!

Patti Cahill said...

1.) I love my boys, Marc and Joey. Marc gets a 3-day weekend. Joey is always off.
2.) Waking up slowly to the various birds singing away. You can hear the differnt species call to each other back and forth.
3.) The garden, which is looking good this year now that our two years of drought are over. And the lotus is blooming, and we finally got the bamboo planted in the right place.
4.) My studio, also a mess, but I'm going to work on that today.
5.) Being able to earn a living doing something I love.
6.) A new book, "Answered Prayers: Love Letters from the Divine," by Julia Cameron.
7.) The weather, which over the past week has been absolutely summertime perfect.

Nicki said...

I am happy about my family's health, the sunny weather, my rabbits and my birds and the little girl that is growing in my belly. Thinking about names and what she will be like when she grows up seems like a fantasy story. I feel sorry for you suffering from the ear infection - I had one too in the beginning and I wish I could recommend something, but nothing really worked. Good luck with the little Marcellus-Maximus-Googler. Nicki

RupaB said...

Love your list..we must be grateful for everything in our lives.

Googler gets both my thumbs up...and my mum likes it too!

Jean said...

I love your list--you get everything a person can out of love and life! I love:
my Jim, my kids, my dolls, the fact that I finally dyed my hair--> whoa I was GRAY! UGH! , things with cheese, television Jim and I both like, heartrending songs, jewelry that WORKS, people I just KNOW like me, and I like them back...I don't have to wonder...funny things my kids do, my camera, food when I don't have to make too much effort but I am getting better about that, people who are straightshooters, and Rupa, right there above me. She is in the same book I am! But probably 1000 more times! :) She ALWAYS is! hahaha!

jean xox miss you tons!

PS: your repainting changes the dolls: you give them life through their eyes. great job! You rule!