Monday, February 18, 2008

New goods

Tide pool pendant made by Jeremy Sinkus.

Owl collection.

Spiny oyster shell.

Herkimer diamonds (large crystals), rough diamonds (pale gold strand) and sapphires.

Old owl carving.

Gorgeous glass bead by Yuka Kawakita.
Hello! Finally recovering from Tucson. It seemed like I'd never get home. It was a lot of fun seeing all of my friends and favorite customers (who've become friends!) and shopping. Here are some of the highlights from my shopping excursions. Its weird to be away for two weeks, I felt all out of whack without having my daily rituals to attend to. I really am a hermit. It was fun, but I was looking forward to not standing all day long. I'm glad to be home.


Unknown said...

Hi Cynthia! Its great to see you post about the Big show! Welcome home! I finally took my lampwork class at the college an hour away and it was Great. I have alot of respect for people who make lampwork such as dots twisties etc! LOL But I made some good round beads and alot of lopsided ones too hee. So Ill have so get some equipment and start practicing and practicing now. My husband can help me as he took the class too...he made the best beads in the class lol. Just wanted to share that b/c Im so Happy I finally did it! Now you can rest a bit from your long trip.
Janet x

Andrew Thornton said...

You got a lot of goodies! I love the big owl! Next Tucson I will get one.

I'm glad to be back home as well, but I miss you guys a lot!

Jenny said...

It's about time you guys got home!!! :) I miss your posts and pictures. Love you, Jen

Melissa J. Lee said...

I love Jeremy Sinkus' work. I've never heard of Yuka Kawakita before - really gorgeous bead...

Unknown said...

Cynthia! I'm so glad you guys made it home in one piece. I had the best time with you, and I miss you all. I started getting depressed as soon as I got on the shuttle that last day... Thank you so much for bringing me along with you and letting me have that experience.

Brandon says hi to everyone. We'll let you know when we start making our plans to visit Asheville.