Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hello! Here are some new sketches from a freshly started sketchbook. They are practice pieces painted in gouche after techniques from Stephanie Pui Mun Law 's book called Dreamscapes. I'm an avid collector of art instructional books, they are taking over my house. I have loads on jewelry making and journaling and I find it utterly relaxing to do projects from them. This may seem like a frivolous waste of time (considering I already have a degree in art) and that the house needs cleaning, but I believe in the merit of trying new techniques. How can one sustain themselves as an artist without the occasional bout of trial and error? Granted the projects in Stephanie's book are close to my own (yet they are decidedly different - much more detailed and layered, way more complex) I love it and want to adopt more of this craziness into my own work. Which is only slightly counterproductive, the trend for over simplified sweet paintings is at an all time high and its nice to be different, even if it takes longer to make one painting (thus being counterproductive). Anyway, its fun to paint, or plan to paint as I do with these sketches. So, I've been sniffling and sketching, plotting away at new projects, wondering where the day goes.

It occured to me that I spend a good chunk of time picking up toys and putting them away. I looked around and realized just how many toys my girl has and how few she actually plays with and I felt sort of disgusted. I thought about the story my sister told me of our family in the Philipines, of the one toy shared by a half dozen kids- an old flip flop they threw in the air. I thought of my mom fondly remembering her toy, a small hammerhead shark bone. So, I packed up her mountain of toys and intend on giving them to our family. Now that sounds harsh, but the playmobile stays along with her favorites (which is still a lot! no joke people, she didn't even notice the stuff was gone), so its not like she'll have to toss a flip flop for fun. I'm weeding out things I've held onto, I'm a collector so I want to try and keep only my favorite things. I have to do this once and awhile, or I will turn into my folks.

We are tentatively planning to go to the Phillipines in June, with my mom and my sis. I'm optimistic, but it always seems like our travel plans get nixed at the last minute for business reasons. When you own your own business its hard to take time off, there never seems to be a good time. Well, this time I think I must insist. The island atmosphere would be a perfect place to finish my story and finally meet a family I've only heard stories of. That and I can bring some toys and books and clothes to all those kids. We can't wait to play with them.

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Andrew Thornton said...

I've always wanted to visit the Motherland... however, like you, each time I think I might pull myself away... it turns out I have to apply myself just that much more. It'll be a good thing to bring the kids some toys.

I envy you that you have time to paint. I'm trying to get back to it, but it is slow-going. The fact that I work 10 to 12 hours almost everyday is a big factor in why I'm floundering. Double ugh!

I miss you guys considerably.