Friday, January 04, 2008

New Etsy Find

Look what I found! This is a reverse carved Lucite bangle from gpaulstudios I love it. I got my sis one as well. I love anything with sea life and this is so detailed. I have to say, shopping on Etsy is so easy and also addictive. That, and its good to support small businesses that hand craft their wares in the states, rather than mass produced poo from china. Not that I don't buy it, too, its just good to consume less. I read this article in Selvedge magazine about how our culture is so hooked on instant gratification and unwilling to save up for things (like beautiful art, or handmade pots, etc.) because its so easy to buy cheaply made things and have more. I think of how everything used to be handmade, how you had to make your own clothes and gifts and food....and I'm glad I don't have to, yet it is bewitching. I'm going to make an effort to support this movement toward simplification and see what happens.


Ulla said...

Me too! Slow art, is how I think of it... back to basics of 'what we love and need...'. Now I need to go look at your link! reminds me a little of your work!

I Am: Anna Lovely Day said...

Are you familiar with
A Wonderful site on living Simply.
I enjoy your work and I was pleased to read that you were interested in Simplifying. I started making small changes in our home and myself about a year ago and it gets easier.

Beautiful bowl!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

the underwater ones got tome immediatly. they are so beautiful.

Andrew Thornton said...

I totally agree with you about wanting simplification and supporting artisan craftsmen by purchasing handcrafted products. However, I think there's a systemic problem concerning things like what is fair compensation and what is the average wages of people. A lot of artisan goods have to be marked up so drastically to help support the artist who creates them... so much so that the normal person can't afford them. Thus making them have to mark the prices up higher. Soon there is a clear division of what is considered a luxury item.

Even though it's a pain, I try to save my pennies for those special things. The things I know are made of good quality and will help support other artists.

Anonymous said...

I do the same

Anonymous said...

I do the same :)