Tuesday, October 02, 2007

fairies and sphinxes

Hello! Here are a couple new pieces. The silver fairy came about because the first version I made was a right pain the ass to cast (thin arms, thin neck) it was hard to get good casts, so I made this lovely lady and I love her. My wax skills are so much better now! I have Bob Burkett to thank for my vast improvement, he is a master at metalsmithing. He is battling some pretty nasty health problems right now and we are worried about him. Hopefully, he will have a quick recovery.

The sphinx painting is another collaboration Andrew and I are working on, part of the Oracle Card series. This is the obstacles card, a card symbolizing constraints or delays. She looks like she knows a secret, perhaps its in knowing there are obstacles you have an advantage to overcome them. Andrew is doing a great job with the backgrounds, he has a good sense of atmospheric light. I enjoyed painting this card, I felt like I was channeling the old fantasy illustrators like Frazetta, while blocking it out. It was fun. I can't really believe how much work we've made for ourselves. I stayed up all night finishing the castle for our garden art line. Working towards new products for Faery Con has been really fun and challenging. I'm not expecting it to be a bead show, so we're trying to make more finished pieces (our new silver fairies are destined for necklaces,) plus the prints and cards so all bases are covered. Im so tired! I can't wait for the show and wish I had more time! Well, my castle cracked all over the place after firing, so I have alot of patching up to do!


Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

you two are an amazing team. this is stunning. !!!

the fairy is glorious. you rock!
I am sorry Bob Burkett is unwell. Ihope he getter better really fast.


Unknown said...

Marvelous is not the word to describe you! G your something else your beyond marvelous Cynthia sweetie! Yea Puerto Rico is so lovely I lived there years gone by in a small town called Rincon which is at the other end of the island from touristy San Juan. The shells were so awesome Ive never seen anything like it since. I had a small stash of them for a long time but thru moves you know how we can lose things...Cynthia what have you devised to wear for fairy con? For someone who was so very sad years ago youve been so Blessed now with a 360 degree tuen! Gads it takes months for my blog to have happenings lol.
Janet x

shirley joyner said...

just found your jewelry in STRING--lov it-- please come to NC-- shirley in NC