Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sand Castles

I love summer. I love building sand castles with my girl (here we
are enjoying her new sand/water box on the porch). This weather is perfect for working on my sculptures outside, under an umbrella, listening to the birds (I adore birds! There is no finer music!).Our house is surrounded by old oaks, tulip trees and dogwoods, it feels like being in a treehouse sometimes.
Its sandal weather, here are a new pair from Earth brand, (from ) they are comfortable and ornate, an unusual combination. The house is a flurry of activity, we're sculpting like mad, treeing up waxes and dreaming of island getaways when the show is over. The energy around here is excited and happy, our goods look like winners, we can't wait to share them. Bob is making a pewter line (everyone rejoice!) lots of
disc pendants and a new version of his cicada, maybe he will let us photograph them. Its been really amazing working alongside such a talented artist, we have learned so much! I enjoy this energy, this focus. Everyone is working hard and putting aside distractions, its cool to see how much gets done by evening.

This is a wax original ready to be cast, her body length could fit in a nickle. She can be worn revealing her fairy nature or as a mere moon moth. I love her and cannot wait to see how she comes out!

This delightful little bean is very small, easily the size of a nickle. I thought this shape would look nice on a single strand, between large simple cut stones, or part of an eclectic dangley neclace. The bezel could fit a dime in the center. The type nearly drove me batty. This piece will look so good in pewter! Its designed for resin to encase small ephemera or pictures (or if your silly, like me, you'll want to carve scenes in polymer and then encase!). I hope everything comes out in the molds. Most of the time, everything looks good, but occasionally a piece warps and gets ruined. Hours of work lost. Hopefully, all goes well!


claudine hellmuth said...

oh they look beautiful! love the pic of you and azalea!

Andrew Thornton said...

Everything looks lovely as always! I miss that Baby One. She looks like she's having fun playing with the Momma.

Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.