Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Work

Hello! Here are my newest pieces, finished this past week, with a penny to show scale. The bird baby fits within the diameter of a penny (super small!). This lot will be new for the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee. Its a whirlwind of casting and carving around here. Our good friend Bob Burkett flew in from San Francisco last night to cast with us and prepare for the show (he will be showing his work at our table). Tomorrow we will get the burners out to carve new waxes (the batch above was carved out of polymer clay). The weeks preceding a show are always so intense, I stay up really late (sometimes till dawn) working on masters and sample jewelry. The house is so quiet, no phones or disturbances - my ideal conditions. My sister Sheila is here and helps with Azalea and household duties so its been a breeze to finish 5 masters in a week. Well, its back to work for me!


katarinasmama said...

*Love* the baby bird and the nest and the castle and the bird-face and the hand...okay, *love* it all! but Baby Bird is special!

Andrew Thornton said...

Good to see lots of work getting done. Can't wait to see the pieces finished up at Bead and Button. Make sure to email me the ticket information... I already got the time off.

Jeremiah Ketner said...

Whenis bead and Button? Would you have time to hook up?
I love the new work!

Jean said...

very awesome and beautiful work!

bubblingbrooks said...

Hi my name is Janet and just moved from Charlottesville VA to Texas. I just bought 6 peices what a lovely lil world youve created! I attended Parsons School
of design in NYC. I just took a beading course so Im a babe in the woods.Im so glad I found you lovely people!
Janet D McDonald

cata said...

Wow your work is amazing!
Regards from Italy!