Thursday, May 10, 2007

HellO! Big surprise for us! Sheila ambushed us in NY, we weren't expecting to see her till next week. She loves doing that. We've been away since saturday, driving to cincinatti to hang out with Gregs family. We always have such a good time running around town, shopping at Jungle Jims and finding some obscure food to try out. The best find ever was an enormous durian fruit (the king of thai fruits) a strange spiky pod filled with dough like goo, said to taste like butterscotch - I for one don't know how they got that impression, it seemed more like rotten beef. It took every ounce of will to fake a delighted expression to get anyone else to try it, but the reactions were totally worth it. This time I found a curry flavored chocolate bar - far less exciting. I actually decided not to torture my in laws and made normal food instead. They are going through some major illnesses and need lots of good energy sent there way.

From cin. I went to spend a day with my good friend Jessica Wiesel. We were up to our regular hyjinks of all around trouble making, trying to sculpt new beads while tasting fancy saki's. I want to say we were a nothing to show for it kind of way. I returned to cin. and continued a lovely visit, shopping and socializing.

We left cin. on tuesday and journeyed to NY, eager to enjoy all the fun. We have walked miles, picnicing in the gardens of central park, perusing galleries, stopping at every other bakery and checking out bookstores. Im wiped out! Azalea loves playing with all the kids, we found a great playground in union square teeming with toddlers. The reason we went to NY was Andrews graduation from the School of Visual Arts, we are so proud of him! Its been non stop running around since we got here, Azalea loves it, shes the first one ready, stating she wants to walk! I found the best restaurant - Max Brenners. Its chocolate heaven, I walked in and imediately felt warm and happy, liquid chocolate pumps through clear pumps, fountains of bliss. I had the tutti fruitti waffle combo, served with liquid chocolate in a little flask. So good. The best italian hot chocolate , almost better than actual italian (being served in italy makes most foods better). It was like all my birthdays came at once. So we have been having a great time, NY is full of inspiration and will make designing a breeze.

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Andrew Thornton said...

I think I'm going to have to go to Max Brenners for some Italian Hot Chocolate to sooth my sadness that you all have left.