Sunday, September 23, 2012

newest obsession

Here's my tank of fancy goldfish. I've become obsessed after watching that Japanese artist paint goldfish on resinI'm trying out this technique of painting on resin (which I just scratched the surface on with my little bezels - but nothing as large as this!) 

I was so inspired, I researched the heck out of the goldfish and watched loads of videos on youtube. I have a collector's nature, thorough and obsessive, which can be good, or really weird. Of course, I'm obsessed with so many things, its hard to pick a favorite, my top three would be dolls, goldfish and maybe gemstone beads, or books. Shoes and bags would make the list, but its hard to say. I am really into chocolate too. And super into art supplies. Ok, forget top three's, because I can't decide. 

Oh! The super cute fuzzy green moss balls are alive! They are called Marimo balls and they are from Nano Lake, in Japan. They are popular 'pets' and kept on desks for good luck. They are propagated by splitting up larger balls. Kind of like the fuzzy creatures on my favorite Star Trek episode. I like to imagine them rolling in huge herds on the bottom of the lake, getting as big as Volkswagon Beetles. Anyway, its become the meditation station in the house. 


Robin Pfeifer said...

I am glad I am not the only one who is obsessed with goldfish! Like you, I have researched them on online as well. Where did you get the moss balls? I love them! My fish spawned in April, this is quite a fantastic thing to watch. I collected the eggs and put them in a separate tank. I am now raising 1/4 inch long fantails! The goldfish are so inspiring! I have used one of your little fish beads on pieces of the jewelry that I create. That is why I love your pieces, they are also very inspiring to work with. Have a wonderful day!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hi Robin,
That's cool you are breeding them! My favorite one is the little bronze oranda. I'd love to have loads of those. Now i'm on the lookout for a blue pearlscale oranda. I saw one on Rain Garden Goldfish, but i think its really large. I'd love to have lots of tanks, some with tiny goldfish, and some with gigantic ranchu's! I love them. As far as the marimo balls go, I bought my first one at Petsmart. The others are from a local store. You can also get them on ebay. I have a couple sources on my Pinterest board 'fish' if you want to see what I've found.

Colleen said...

Sorry for the belated response to this post! I love it that others are also obsessed with Goldfish! I've always loved them & used to rescue the $0.25 feeder gf at Petsmart for my tank at the office. My favorite was one who had a black eye patch & what appeared to be a fancy mustache! Thanks so much for turning me on to these Marimo balls & adding something new to my obsession!

Jean said...

Dear Cynthia, we love fish and all those other things too--and Tribbles are the names of the things on Star Trek! Pretty sure!
xox jean