Sunday, September 23, 2012

making things

 The last month has passed so fast, I feel like I've skipped forward weeks. This happens when I'm in 'work' mode. The stuff I make is fun, but its work when I have to manage my time so carefully. I finished these wings a couple days (I mean weeks) ago to fill my little etsy shop. Eventually they will make it into the shop. 
 These are the latest batch of bezels, some of which are already spoken for (the owls, the bluebird and the big octopus is for me). I used Susan Lenart Kazmer brand of resin and I have to say, I flippin' love it. Its super clear, self doming, low odor and bubbles barely form at all. I highly recommend it.

I set up a little studio area between the living and dining room, so it would be easier to watch Max and get some things done at the same time. My upstairs studio that I love with all my heart is a death trap for my boy, who is very experimental and likes to test things by taste. The paintings on the bench are a different technique for me, layers of resin and paint, to form dimensional images that appear sculptural. Its pretty time consuming, so hopefully I can finish a few before I fly out for the opening and a painting vacation.

I started getting into aquariums and have two bettas on my desk. They are like flowers, they are so colorful and graceful. I also set up a tank for goldfish, but I'll have more on that later. 
This is a painting for my upcoming show with Jessica Wiesel, called Wondrous Creatures. It will be held throughout October at Hotel Biron, in San Francisco. The paintings are done on birch wood panels, in gemstone watercolors from Daniel Smith. Its hard to see from this picture, but the pigments have a luminous, sparkly quality that I love to work with.
To see more of the work and Jessica's sculptures, go to our facebook page.


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I just found these beautiful little wings on pinterest. please please please share with me how you made the wings. they are beautiful. I imagine you used resin. Just wondering how you made them so vibrant and iridescent.