Tuesday, November 30, 2010

busy gal

Here are some of my samples for the taping on Beads, Baubles and Jewels. My segment is on clasps as focal pieces, which is good, since its one of my favorite themes. I really like a necklace that looks good any way it happens to turn on your neck, whether the clasp is in front or back. The necklace with the koi pond clasp is composed of tourmalines and iolites, with rose gold 'sequin' spacers. The bird clasp features large simple cut sunstones (that I've been hoarding for like five years) and some faceted ruby, sunstone and opal rondelles. I particularly like how the clasp looks resting on the back of your neck, a little bit secret. The loose clasps are just a selection of pieces that particularly work well for the theme.

I'd love to say that I work constantly, finishing projects like a bull dozer of creative energy. Mostly, I'm plugged into some sort of device, one eye on Max, the other on my Nook Color, my lap top or sketchbook. I just got the new Nook Color and I love it! The screen is better than I imagined it would be and I like being able to find any book I happen to be thinking of, read a sample and then buy it or not. You can check your email, look at blogs, read magazines and play games. Lately, I've been reading Pride and Prejudice and Food Everyday (there is a recipe for bacon jam that I will be trying shortly!). Its a nice thing to have when waiting at the post office or if you have a few minutes and you don't want to bust out your headphones and ipod (which is one of my most favorite things next to my dolls!).

The majority of my day consists of chasing this boy down, who is practically running! He loves that panda so much. If you look next to the stairwell, you can see something that just arrived that I am very happy about. It will begin my next stage of doll making and possibly some other small items (my kiln!).


Andrew Thornton said...

I saw the recipe for bacon jam and will be trying that out as well! I love bacon. I've been trying to perfect my wild mushroom risotto recipe. One of the secret ingredients is a little bit of rendered bacon fat. Just a touch. It gives it a hint of smokiness and prevents the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

Good luck with the taping. I know you'll have fun. Don't forget to say hi to everyone for me!

Anonymous said...

Cynthia; How fun!
Beautiful pieces. And How perfect it is that you will be presenting "clasps as focal pieces". Yours are the coolest!
Something a friend told me that helps me when I get nervous going on stage; 'just know that you belong there; the world needs your art (& for you- your knowledge!) All the best to you ;)

Shannon Chomanczuk said...

Yes, clasps as focals is definitely one you should be doing!
You will be great.
I loved the video thanks for sharing. My daughter is about Max's age and I am having a blast chasing her around!
Shannon C

Unknown said...

All so wonderful Cynthia! Max what a little Darlin child! He made me laugh at his infectious happiness! ox
Stay warm it must be so cold where you live now!

Diana P. said...

That video just made me smile and laugh. Adorable!

Alice said...

And I thought I was the only one who hoarded beads for a long time.

Max is getting big! What a cutie pie! I just love hearing kids laugh--its like music to the ears.

Erin Siegel said...

Oh, Max is so precious! What a happy boy! Loved the video of him, thanks for sharing!

mjsee said...

I hoard beads as well. And I have been using your clasps as focal pieces for FOREVER. Well...since I you started making clasps, anyway.(BTW--when is that koi clasp gonna show up in the catalog? WANT.)

Your children are adorable and happy. You are doing an excellent job.