Monday, November 15, 2010

keeping calm

A few months ago, I agreed to do a spot on a show called 'Beads, Baubles and Jewels', thinking it would be good publicity for my book 'Enchanted Adornments'. It is a good idea. It just so happens that I'm a little camera shy, or maybe its just that I don't like how I look or sound on video. Taping takes place Dec. 10 and I'm so nervous. I've been making samples and sketches and shopping online for the perfect outfit, hoping all the planning will settle my nerves. It does, a little, but sometimes doing something fun and noodly is the best way to calm jitters. So I started cutting out paper dolls I ordered from Dover books for Azalea. We picked out several styles, from Victorian to Elizabethan (all the most challenging ones to cut out!) now we just need to build a little paper house for them.

Here's a finished piece showcasing my new octopus pendant. It's so dainty and sparkly! I used faceted labradorites in several cuts, tiny rainbow sapphires, smooth teardrop spinels and the smallest Swarovski crystals I've ever seen. These pieces were nice diversions, but now its time to get back to work!


Genea said...

Don't be nervous :) You are amazing at what you do and everyone else will agree. This is your passion so it should be easy to talk about it :D

Just so you feel better, here is a link to when I did a shoot for mutual of omaha ;)

The new octopus is and necklace are gorgeous!

Much love,


*melanie* earthenwood studio said...

Hey! I will be filming on December 10th too! It's my second time. You will have so much fun... everyone is really great!

laurelmoon said...

I think you'll be absolutely awesome!

And the octopus is absolutely WONDERFUL. A beautiful necklace!! You're so talented!

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I think you will be great at it!
That necklace is beautiful!

lorelei said...

Cynthia, I know you'll do great! And I can't wait to see the episode! Just have fun and relax!
Cool necklace, love all the pretty stones!

Cindy said...

I LOVE the octopus necklace cynthia!

good luck with the filming. you could do some practice sessions in your living room. You know what you are talking about so it is going to be easy for you to share your knowledge/passion with others:)

Alice said...

Once you get going I'll bet you will do fine at the taping.

Those paper dolls are beautiful! My youngest is too old for them now, but I loved when the Home Companion magazine arrived in the mail with a paper doll insert. Sarah and I would plop down and proptly cut them out.

Love the octopus necklace!

TesoriTrovati said...

You will be nervous. It is sometimes a challenge to get your butterflies to fly in formation. So let it happen. Know that you will be nervous and don't stress about it. Then wrangle those butterflies and get them to do what you want them to do. Remember to just be you, you will SHINE.

Enjoy the day!

Andrew Thornton said...

Just pretend it's a trade show. You've done thousands of them and they're not that different. I'm sure you'll have a blast. Remember to smile and stand up straight and put a little Vaseline on your teeth before you go on so that your smile is bright and your lips don't stick to your teeth while you're talking.

Anonymous said...

Just be yourself, let your "light" shine naturally, just like all your beautiful work. Cheers! Lorraine

My Life Under the Bus said...

Oh where does this air - I can't wait to see!!!

quiltingjewel39 said...

I love your brother's advice!! I am sure you will be wonderful. I am so bummed we don't get the show in Richmond, VA. I love the necklace - the octopus is wonderful. Good luck with the taping.