Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Here's a sweet puppy, worn out after a busy day of birthday fun and trick or treating! Can you believe it's already been one year? Wasn't it only a few weeks ago when I was bursting with this little sugarpuff? We couldn't wait to meet him.

Ready for candy! My girl dressed as a Kung Fu Princess, protector of her Uncle Steve, baby puppy and Aunt Sheila. Azalea loves this holiday, since it involves dress up and sweets, two of her all time favorite things.

Me and Greg, enjoying a quiet evening with our little family on our 6th year anniversary. Greg thought this was too unflattering to post, since he is in dire need of a haircut and I'm make up free, but I liked it.

Everytime I leave the house, I'm surprised by all the brilliant color. The trees are perfect examples of scintillation, colors so bright, they vibrate. I grew up in Florida, where its always hot and green and humid.
I've received so many great ideas for the contest and can't wait to get started! We're working on the details and will post them next week. The drawing for the giveaway will be this Friday. To enter, just leave a comment with a suggestion for the contest.


TesoriTrovati said...

You two are beautiful. Wouldn't change a thing. And that sleepy puppy is so cute. I didn't manage to get any pictures of my kids in their costumes this year. I might have to have them put them on one more time before I pack them away.
Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the day!

mairedodd said...

the photos are gorgeous - and the pic of the two of you is real... that is what is so wonderful about it... halloween is our favorite holiday for the same reasons... growing up, my kids had a huge dress up box... and now we have pieces compiled from halloween costumes to 'play' with... my 18 yr. old daughter loves theater - it is funny how loves from when they are young take root and blossom... i love halloween because unlike other holidays, there are no expectations - the month is filled with the beauty of autumn... and we walk around together as a family still on that day/night...

Janet said...

Maxx he looks so much like his sister! Isnt he a beauty?! Lovely pictures. Azalea looks wonderful all dressed up so original. You and your husband look to great Cynthia! ox

Alice said...

Oh sweet photos! I only wish I looked that lovely without makeup!!!

Spirited Earth said...

cute photos..each and everyone.
it's just so amazing how quickly little ones grow up, and how time in general flys.

Sharon P said...

Those two are the cutest puppy and Kung Fu princess I have ever seen, and you and Greg look happy and beautiful. Happy Autumn!