Monday, September 27, 2010

quick note

Hello! Just a quick note that I'll be drawing a winner for my giveaway on Friday, October 1 at noon. To enter, add a comment on my 'forest' post about ways to celebrate our favorite month (since it'll be our 6th aniversary and Max's first birthday!). I'll be carving masters for our spring line and would love to hear suggestions for new pieces, so feel free to comment on that topic to enter. I'm gathering up the prize and it looks pretty let's hear those thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cynthia,

I would love, love, love some more ocean life pieces. A Sea Otter might put me over the moon :), but really, anything oceany (and other) will make its way to mi casa! Yay to new pieces, whatever they may be! Hugs, Lis

Gina Chalfant said...


A greenman and or greenwoman would be lovely. I'd love to see them based on the 4 seasons. I'd also love to see a swallow and also a crow. I could think of things to do with a persian inspired peacock , and also a deer-girl. Is my wish list too long? A new octopus.....I vote for a trip to the ocean for all!