Thursday, September 30, 2010


There are days when I feel compressed, almost a paper doll of myself. This past week has left me in such a dark state. I attribute it to the weather- gloomy, slightly cold. Or to the troubles I'm unwilling and in some cases, unable to share. My studio has a ghostly, strange quality to it, familiar yet alien. I haven't worked up there for months, using instead my little traveling case to set up quick areas on the table that can be put away in a few minutes ( its under the table more often then not). I'm self-aware enough to realize the signs of a slump: lack of energy, t.v. on all the time, work comes slowly and most unfortunately- quick tempered. I have a list of things that can usually fire my creative spark:
*audio books, I listen to two or three a week (right now I'm revisiting Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein)
*drawing in my sketchbook
*perusing blogs and books
*working with other artists
*experimenting with new materials
My list isn't working today for various reasons, so Azalea and I are busting out the shrink plastic. Maybe the fun of watching drawings magically miniaturize will kick start my brain. I'm curious what other folks do when inspiration slows to a crawl.


SummersStudio said...

I do similar things to what you describe. Usually, if I pick up something in the studio and start a mundane repetitive kind of job, my mind starts to see opportunities to do new things. But it can be tough to take that first step into the work.

lisagreenb said...

You might want to consider "freshening" up the energy in your studio a bit. Burn sage or even ring bells or chimes along each wall to clear out the old and bring in new, alive vibrations. Add some fresh flowers or plants and you should be ready to spend more time in your space, ready to create!
Lisa G.

Janet said...

You will regenerate again..give it time...oxo

Patti Cahill said...

I feel like I'm in good company after reading your comments. I've been struggling, too (for a really long time, it seems), so I get where you're at. Lately, I've been working at some other things I enjoy -- crocheting, bookbinding, making paper boxes and combining that stuff with the glass sort of. Boredom with oneself might be a good thing though -- it impels you to the next level, although the creative journey there can be extremely long and frustrating. I do my best to keep working through/during the funk -- all the while my mind is working in the background actively seeking the next thing. I'm afraid if I stopped working for any length of time I'd not get back to it for a while, and I don't want to go through any sort of restart effort. So I keep doing what I do, and incubating. I've been calling it a "working sabbatical." One thing I know is that you (and I) will get over the hump because we were put on the earth to make stuff. It's simply part of the long-term artistic process, so I try to keep working and not get too much in my own head about it. The work is always its own answer to the problem.

Sabine said...

I feel like that, too. I think it is the remembrance of changing seasons. Here in Phoenix, we don't really change seasons, but when I lived in Michigan or Pennsylvania, I used to bake and can all during fall. Since I am not motivated this year, I started cleaning my office/craft area today. Hopefully, that will spark something - at least it will get rid of a pile of things!

Good luck!

queenofbling aka. Owner of Off The Beaded Path said...

When I am in a slump I normally will get out of my shop or studio and go to another bead shop or go over to another designers house. Seeing new things or new materials always gets me motivated to do something. Also, I will pick up a new skill and play with it for a little while. I am normally a stitcher but here recently I have been dabbling in some wire work to help get me out of my funk. I have found that through this I have been wanting to get my hands back into my stitching!