Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sheila finally has a blog!

Hey everybody! Look at this, my sister, the painter/world traveller finally has a blog! She will be documenting her travels with watercolor and oils and sharing them with the world, donating a portion of the sales to a worthy cause. I think this month is Doctors without Borders. She probably got tired of hearing us ask "What exactly do you do when you're sitting around in the Phillipines?" This will be nice, I can keep up on her activities and not feel like she has disappeared into the world for months at a time.


Anonymous said...

hey dink,

i fixed the comment section on my blog, so now you can comment on it.

cool bronze owl! can you put some pmc silver on the eyes? or is it a different firing temp.?

that would be cool to mix the two metals. all they need now is a copper clay!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Hi Dink!
Good thing you fixed the comment part, now I can give my two cents liberally!

I think you can mix metals...maybe I can make some mokume gane! Its pretty darn frustrating, I felt like pulling my own hair out! I haven't messed with it since the other day, maybe tomorrow I will be in the right mind set and it'll be easier.

Anonymous said...

ooooh...Mokume, if they were all the same firing temperature, it would make mokume a breeze!

Maybe you should call the company to make sure you didn't get a bad batch. There's nothing worse that working with poor quality materials. I will be interested to see how they fire.

Ulla said...

Your family has no bounds in the creativity universe! Wow!