Tuesday, August 05, 2008

New Clasp!

Hello! Here is a new clasp cast in shibuichi (will also be available in silver) its about 1 1/4" across. This piece was sculpted twice, once out of wax, which was ruined in the mold and second out of pmc - which is awesome for masters, since its already metal, it can't be messed up. I like this clasp, it feels sturdy and secure and I don't mind if it flips to the front of a bracelet, its so fancy. I've spent the weekend working on Stringing submissions. The deadlines always seem to sneak up on me, luckily most of the hard part was finished last week, so all I had to do was string. It takes me forever to come up with projects I'm happy with, I'll have half a dozen possibilities laid out, then they are agonized over for a long time. Half the problem is I like imagining who would wear the piece and make up stories about them and how the jewelry is magical (like a teleportation device, or the power of being amazingly charming). I've been reading The Mistress of Spices and Howl's Moving Castle, so magic and fairy tales are on my mind. Well, its time to write instructions!


katarinas mama said...

Oh! Love, love, love this piece!!! I'll look for it in the shop... I've been in fairy tale land, of sorts...finished both Ever and Breaking Dawn...

Andrew Thornton said...

Oh! Good job with the new clasp!

I love Stringing and the folks who work on it. They are truly wonderful people - supremely nice and ever supportive. They're great!

I do that also. I wonder who will wear the pieces I make. I get distracted by thoughts of who might take one of the patterns I've made and make it themselves. What they like. What they don't like. If they're reading anything at the moment. Do they like cookies? Do they prefer wine or beer or are they strictly on fruit juices. I think there's something magical about making something and share a piece of creativity and the working process... it binds and connects in a very psycho-spiritual way. Or at least that's what I think.

And I love The Mistress of Spices. You'll never go into your spice cabinet and think of it the same way again!

HINT Jewelry Design said...

Oh so elegant! How frustrating having to do it twice, but I love your tenacity :)

Thanks for the new book tip -- Mistress of Spices. This looks like a good read!

Carter said...

Cynthia....this is beautiful!!! I hope Greg will have these out here for the shows? I want one!

Ah, the deadlines....hmm....that's where I've been all week too. How do those dates sneak up so fast?

This book sounds good, and I'm looking for a new one, so thanks!

Janet said...

Cynthia you are such a lovely Missy!!! I recvd the prizes today and I was so very Thrilled!! I showed my husband the charms and he was so impressed too awww theyre just Beautiful! I love you may I adopt you? lol The Butterfly Im so proud to have her and the rest! My oh my your just so SWEET!

katarinas mama said...

Thank you for my surprise. It arrived yesterday evening...and the kids and I had such fun turning over the treasures and studying the detail. Dragon egg bead is especially coveted by my 9 yo son...you know, the Griffin Lover...will do something special for him with it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from all of us!!!

Jean said...

I cannot believe I know someone who makes such beautiful things!