Friday, August 15, 2008

Look at my girls panda drawing! Already an artist.

That baby enjoying ice cream after a hard day of playing. Well, I'd like to say that I've been hard at work on new designs or sketching the new catalog, but...I've spent the past few days playing. We have made feasts and stayed up late watching movies, reading books and dressing dolls- with the occasional break to clean. I did try out my new gemstone watercolors and I love them. They are subtle, glimmery- exactly how one would think paint made of powdered semi-precious stones would be. The pallette I chose is limited, so I will be using them with regular watercolors and gouache. There is something special about them, the colors seem so different, even if the turquoise is only a little lighter than cerulean blue and the equivalent of burnt sienna, bronzite, shimmers beautifully.

Another thing I adore, the movie 'Penelope', with Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. Its a charming retelling of beauty and the beast, with the roles reversed. I loved her clothes, her green mary janes and especially her room! The best thing about the film was the message of accepting yourself and embracing who you are as an individual, rather than focusing on trivialities like image. A nice concept for a world obsessed with botox and perpetual youth. Azalea also really enjoyed it and remained interested throughout, which was nice; sometimes she doesn't always like mama's choice of tv (Bizaare Foods, Iron Chef or Project Runway). I'll get to work tomorrow, hopefully finishing up some news bezels for the Philadelphia show.


Anonymous said...

so cute! i can't wait to get there!

Anonymous said...

what a darling girl panda!
have fun in Philly =)

belvedere beads said...

i am so glad that you love the watercolors. i also use, and adore, the duo-chrome watercolors from daniel smith. they are positively freaky and fun to use, the look one color straight on and another color when you look at them from the side.
i now it sounds impossible, but they are kind of like lenticulars, but paint.

Jean said...

I must go look up Penelope. This is a struggle than man eople never win...that of accepting oneself. If ou don;t overcome it, you can;t go far and you don't have as much fun in life!

As always, love your photos of your gorgeous Azalea!!! She is a favorite of mine! With good reason!!!:)

And what a fantastic drawing of a great Panda! she rocks the house! YAY!

xox love you,


Andrew Thornton said...

Azalea is the quintessential protean artist. Remember when she was just a poddling and I used to put her play pin next to my work table in the studio? She was only two years old, but already she was my little artist assistant. She'd help me rip up pieces of paper for my collages. We'd sit up there for hours before one of us got cranky and needed a snack.