Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Strange bird at the Jacsonville zoo.

You know we had fun here.

Greg and Miss Belle at Jacksonville zoo

Sunshine in the mail from Jean Yates- she sent this awesome bracelet and earring set and got rave reviews from the crowd in Miami.
We just got home from the Interweave Miami show ( fun to shop and much bigger than I thought it would be). Although I like Miami, its beautiful, the folks are friendly and fried plantains are easy to find, I am glad to be home, relaxing. Before the show started we we ran around the city and visited the Playmobile store in West Palm Beach and spent a good, long time testing the toys. After the three day show we went to the Jacksonville Zoo to break up the long drive home; it was nice to walk through the gardens and look at the animals. Our trip to Florida was mostly pleasant (although getting locked out of my van and sitting in beach traffic for hours was not fun) it felt like an adventure, which is always good.


Jean said...

wow that is so beautiful the way you took that picture of the bracelet with your components! I would love to have this picture in my gallery. I am incredibly proud!

Anonymous said...

The jewelry is fantastic!

Cynthia Thornton said...

Thank you Jean! Your designs are so gorgeous, I'm proud that you choose to use my pieces in your work!