Monday, April 07, 2008

happy dolls

Cute doll from Happy to See You, a company out of France. I love these waldorf inspired dolls, they look well made and sturdy, plus only natural materials are used. I made one for Azalea a couple of years ago and found out why they are so pricey- they are harder to make than they appear. The site is in french, but has nice pictures of all their adorable clothes and dolls.

Today we organized my collection of beads, which is fun and usually leads to new jewelry. Tomorrow I will string! My dad left this morning after visiting for the weekend. We watched a lot of movies and tried to bond. I didn't work on any of my projects, so I was a little nutty. Greg just got home from doing a show in Philadelphia and I'm happy he's back. We have to leave for a show in Miami soon, so its back to work for me.


Jean said...

I want this doll so much it's painful. hahha. I usually can live without stuff like this, and don't mind that I have all sons. Of course! but something about this website and the fact that I can read a tiny bit of french and that they have these little coats and jupes--skirts-- and little blousons--it's totally killing me!!! gah! I think... I want this doll for myself!

Jennifer said...

Cynthia - I am new to your website and blog (I LOVE your work), and after looking at all of your drawings and designs and reading about your interests, I thought I would share the name of a wonderful artist named Dominic Murphy. Check out his fantastical drawings and paintings at I think you will love the stuff he does on Alice in Wonderland and it has that other-worldly kind of feel that you like. I came across his art on another website one day and was blown away by it. Just thought I would share! Keep up the wonderful work with your art. I can't wait to see more!!!