Saturday, April 19, 2008

fun times

Baby gettin big. I hope she stays small.

Sheila and Kitsune, or Sune for short.

The Chocolate Fetish, happiness in food form.
Hello! We had a nice time wandering around our lovely downtown, getting bento box lunches at Wasabi (a great Japanese restaurant) and truffles at The Chocolate Fetish -which has the best sweeties anywhere. We went back home and I worked on my book while everyone played with our pup and taught her tricks. My sister Sheila came home after a long trip to L.A. and has been enjoying Azalea's undivided attention and adoration. I guess its a nice change from mama. I was wondering why my girl loves my sis so much (after being told yet again that she wanted Sheila and only Sheila) I realized that as sisters we are complete opposites. Where she is all smiles, I'm grim, she is a minimalist and I'm a collector...her head is shaved and I can't remember my last haircut. We have lots in common though, like travel, I enjoy imagining it and she has been to more countries than I could name. We are both passionate about food and love to cook and eat and try new flavors. I'm pretty happy she's home and look forward to all the the fun.


Ms Dragonfly said...

yum, yum, i love chocolate so much! when ever i see pics of food i don't know if it's real or not. you're amazing!

Eva said...

Will Sheila still be there when we get into town? We can't wait to see you guys! And yes, we'll definitely have to hit the Chocolate Fetish, among other places.

Andrew Thornton said...

Looks like you all are having fun! Oh, how I miss the Chocolate Fetish - for, as you know, I have my very own chocolate fetish (in the good wholesome eating of sweets sort of way).

And I wouldn't think too much about the comparison or contrast between you and Sheila (especially concerning Azalea). It's hard to do, I know, especially since it has been ingrained since our early childhood, but know that your love is unique. The bond that you have with Azalea is completely and totally all its own. Just as Sheila's bond is different as well. For a long time, I would torture myself. I would wish that Azalea was my baby and that she was my daughter and that when something happened that she would run to me first and not to you, Sheila, Greg, or mom... etc. Kind of crazy, I know. I guess it's me trying to fight the realization that in all likelihood, I won't have my own children. I will always be a vicarious parent through you and Greg. It was hard for me, but I had to come to terms with this. I had to become comfortable with the uniqueness of the relationship I have with Azalea - that even though she is the light of my life, that I am not necessarily the brightest of stars for her in her constellation of shining and beautiful people.