Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hi! Lots of spring cleaning around here. Azalea and I had some unexpected company over the weekend, our friends Laura and her mom Naomi from D.C. (owners of Talisman beads) came for a visit and some furniture shopping. We cooked like crazy and I had fun playing food stylist, trying to make everything pretty, then taking pictures. The pic above is rice pudding with almonds and Vietnamese cinnamon (its flippin' amazing and sweet- order some from Penzey's). The weather has been beautiful (see the crocuses Andew planted!), luckily for us as I would have hated to take the puppy out in the cold. We were lucky to have Laura and Naomi over with all of their dog expertise, they showed us some helpful tips to train our little baby. It was nice to see them.
The show season has started, so Greg has been swamped with all the prep work and travel, then the show itself, not to mention all the orders. I've pretty much stepped away from all the business of GGS, I only do a few shows and design now. Which is like paradise. I love spending my time being a mama! It works out, Greg is good at business so I have more time to create new goods. So the book is on the front burner, I've been working on it every spare moment. I keep wondering if I should even mention it, shouldn't these things be secret? Well, I guess this book won't be a secret.


Andrew Thornton said...

OH!!! I miss you guys so much. Especially Azalea. She looks like she's being a good little mama to the puppy. You know I have issues with dogs, but this one looks super cute! Like one of her stuffed animals came to life or something.

The rice pudding looks good. Did you soak the rice? That was my secret.

And I'm sad to miss the crocuses. I saw a bunch in Central Park not too long ago. Next time I'm down in Asheville, I want to plant snowdrops like in Stardust. I miss planting things.

OH! I used the Vietnamese cinnamon from Penzey's in chili. Sounds crazy, but blended with chipotle and ancho chilies and paprika from Penzey's... makes for a yummy combination station.

Say hi to Laura and Naomi for me! It was good seeing them in Tucson. I've been meaning to call Laura, but I usually get home too late and don't want to wake anyone up if they are sleeping. The biennial is up right now at the Whitney and I know it's probably something she'd be interested in.

Anyway, I miss you guys so much!

Christina J. said...

I wish there were some flowers blooming around here! It's been warm, but we still have piles of snow lying around. It cheered me up to see your crocus photos!

Yay! A book! How exciting!

Tom said...

Show season just kicked off for me a week ago. I've have a couple more coming before mid April. Of course I had to see the rice pudding post during my lunch. Man that looks good.

Unknown said...

What a sweet puppy! We miss you guys so much. We've been discussing plans to pay a visit to Asheville--it's actually on Brandon's Top Three List of Things to Do in 2008. If he doesn't get to spend quality time with Greg, I think he may die.

claudine hellmuth said...

awww sweet puppy with Azalea! what a snuggle bunny!!!!

Jean Katherine Baldridge said...

you got your puppy? wow! this puppy is adorable. I love this doggie. You know I can't go a day without my pets! what a sweetie. now I have to read back on you blog and see what you named this new member of the family! xox jean