Wednesday, March 26, 2008

back to normal

Asian pears and blood oranges.

Mini chicken dumplins w/star anise and shallots.

Kitsune in Azalea's doll bed.
Hi! It would look like all I do is eat, snuggle the puppy and make tiny food from polymer clay. That would be close, but I snuggle my girl a lot and then I work; really late at night when the whole world is asleep and the only other creatures stirring are the coyotes (which I am afraid of - they are behind the myth of El Chupacabra after all). Its so nice to have my family home, it feels normal. I got tons done on my projects, which is relieving. I love making tiny things so much! So does Azalea, so I'm lucky. She's the only one who will play with me, everyone else is like 'what's that for?' no one gets that its relaxing to make and cute. She's sick right now, so we've spent the day on the couch watching toons and travel channel (Bizaare Foods is my favorite!). Well, I'm back to it!


katarinasmama said...

My son and I love watching "Bizarre Foods" and "Ace of Cakes"!!! So a request from my soon to be 9 yo son...who is in the middle of reading "Spiderwick" you think you can make a griffin bead/pendant/charm?? He's obsessed and I ::love:: every minute of it! We still haven't seen the movie...just trying to savor the books...thank you for your continuing inspiration!

Jean said...

I understand what you are doing. my children are my life, here. the rest is my other life. xox love you,Jean

Cynthia Thornton said...

I've been thinking of doing a series of mythical creatures like a griffin, hippocampus, hippogriff, maybe some from indian folktales like the naga (double snake ladies) or monkey god hunamun (?). They are in the works! Interesting you should mention it...!