Friday, April 06, 2007

Yay! Tony and Lisa Blackwell visited us from Tucson and brought the grandbabies to play with Azalea. Those girls got along like tea and cake! We ran around to various playgrounds and the Greenville Zoo (surprising nice). We had the best time watching the girls and talking. Tomorrow we will have an experimental resin day (making pendants from polyurethane resins, embedding objects,permantly sealing them in). Hopefully we have some luck and some inspiring creations occur.


Andrew Thornton said...

Those are great pictures! I miss Baby One a ton.

random notes said...

Cynthia, Great meeting you this week at Random Arts in Saluda. Great picture of everyone downtown, too. I hope we can work out a duo teaching venue with you and Lisa. Azalea is a little sweety.
Jane Powell